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  1. How to get your content seen and shared online

    Are you trying to get traffic and customers to your blog ?

    You don't have a solid strategy to do that ?

    Well, getting traffic to your blog is the hardest part since you don't have any placements on search engines. probably you are with competing with big websites or started a failure campaign with the wrong keywords. or you didn't test things before you start a profitable SEO campaign thats why you are seeing no traffic. if you don't have visitors, you don't have community ...
  2. WordPress – Useful & Important plugins to install before starting blogging

    I assume you have idea about installing wordpress and use the backend of wordpress. So let us start with some basic knowledge about the wordpress plugin, which will make your blog secured and give some booster functions on increasing traffic on your blog. Also you have some security features on your blog to avoid spam emails and comments from autobots and black listed ip.

    So here is the first plugin i would like to introduce.

    Better WP Security

    This is ...
  3. Successful tips for building brand for your business

    If you are doing business but still your are not getting enough attention and finding difficult to sale your products or services. Your product is good and better than other who is already well-known in the industry. So you must be wondering what is going wrong. Because you are getting good feedback from your clients and consumer about your product and services.

    But still your product is not getting enough attention and recognition. So what is the reason?

    So today I ...
  4. 5 Social Media Tools That You Will Absolutely Love!

    How many social media tools are there?


    Here are some cool tools I've come across recently and a few I personally use to manage my social media marketing.

    [*] InboundWriter

    It's normal that 20% of all the articles you create drive 80% of the traffic to your site, however what if you were able to know before hand if your content will easily rank for your chosen keywords? and what the competition really is for that given keyword ...
  5. When Facebook Nearly Got the Best of Me

    I've been on Facebook since 2008, and while it started as a required membership by my former boss in the effort to form a network between our satellite offices around the world, I never thought I would be so hooked to it-to the point that I felt like my life has been sucked up by social media. Logging on-and staying online in Facebook 24/7 became my addiction, as there I kept in touch with many of my so-called friends and believed that we have formed a bond, even if in reality we barely know each ...
  6. Easy To Follow Youtube Traffic Backdoor

    by , 02-07-2015 at 09:27 AM (Underground Internet Marketing)
    Name:  Youtube Traffic Backdoor.jpg
Views: 4260
Size:  60.7 KB

    Today I'm going to show you a sneaky way you can use today to get youtube traffic to your website or blog. There's no need to open a youtube channel or upload videos, some may know this strategy as the Tube Siphon technique.

    Youtube has grown to be the 2nd most popular search engine, it is also popular than Bing and Yahoo with over 1 billion visitors every month. Lazy people will say this strategy doesn't work or there are no prospects to ...
  7. 5 Steps to Create a successful branding strategy

    Building a lasting bond between the brand and the customer is the primary objective of a branding strategy, for it to be successful, such a relationship must be based on emotional factors, apart from the business relationship.

    The term branding refers to the process of building the brand image. Is to develop a set of attributes and values ​​for a brand, so that they are perceived as unique and coherent by consumers.

    A branding strategy helps create value associated ...
  8. 10 Phrases You Should Never Say At Work

    Good communication is a highly prized skill current employers as it creates a bond of trust between employee and employer. Therefore, we are 10 phrases that should never utter in your work.

    Sometimes the consequences of a simple comment surpass all levels and create misunderstandings difficult to reconcile. Here count the phrases you should never use during your stay in the office.

    1. 'I do not like this company'
    You should be careful about using this phrase ...

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