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  1. How to use Pinterest for keyword research

    As you may already know, keyword research is the single most important part of any SEO campaign.

    This could mean the difference between success and failure for your website.

    Targeting highly competitive keywords could potentially end up costing you a lot of time, effort and even money depending on your site's overall authority.

    In this guide, I'' show you how you can use Pinterest for your keyword research.

  2. WordPress – Useful & Important plugins to install before starting blogging

    I assume you have idea about installing wordpress and use the backend of wordpress. So let us start with some basic knowledge about the wordpress plugin, which will make your blog secured and give some booster functions on increasing traffic on your blog. Also you have some security features on your blog to avoid spam emails and comments from autobots and black listed ip.

    So here is the first plugin i would like to introduce.

    Better WP Security

    This is ...
  3. Thinking About Having A Mommy Blog?

    The one thing you have to consider when going down this road is the fact that this is SUPER saturated, but it IS workable.

    After doing all of your research, and you decide this is the direction you want to go, my advice would be to check for what we call " parked domains", sometimes in a parked domain (a domain/or sometimes website that hasn't been renewed) you may find ones that would be viewed as an "authority site" with all kinds of natural back links to it. There ...

    Updated 02-08-2015 at 04:49 PM by NaturalWriter (spelling, still drinking coffee...lol)

    Internet Marketing , Domains and Hosting , Affiliate Marketing , Blogging , Make Money
  4. Work at home jobs for moms?

    Quote Originally Posted by NaturalWriter View Post
    Being a mother of a very active 5yr old, I find working online compliments my part-time earnings in health care. I have actually been discussing with Hipcat (my better half & member) leaving my career and solely going online, as the flexibility is great! Particularly since I have my own clientele, plus I have many other projects that both Hipcat and I work on together.

    Freelancing is really good, and doesn't require one speciality, meaning you can specialize in many different
  5. 5 Steps to Create a successful branding strategy

    Building a lasting bond between the brand and the customer is the primary objective of a branding strategy, for it to be successful, such a relationship must be based on emotional factors, apart from the business relationship.

    The term branding refers to the process of building the brand image. Is to develop a set of attributes and values ​​for a brand, so that they are perceived as unique and coherent by consumers.

    A branding strategy helps create value associated ...
  6. 10 Phrases You Should Never Say At Work

    Good communication is a highly prized skill current employers as it creates a bond of trust between employee and employer. Therefore, we are 10 phrases that should never utter in your work.

    Sometimes the consequences of a simple comment surpass all levels and create misunderstandings difficult to reconcile. Here count the phrases you should never use during your stay in the office.

    1. 'I do not like this company'
    You should be careful about using this phrase ...
  7. 4 Tips to Build Self Confidence

    Although it is not always easy to have confidence in yourself, this skill will make it less complicated the work of communicating your ideas to your clients, colleagues and in your relationships. While your help to make the right decisions.

    Develop self-confidence is key to achieving all the goals that you propose in various areas of your life. Here are four tips to increase your confidence.

    1. Rate your identity
    Comparing yourself to others is detrimental, because ...
  8. 5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Open Rates

    Despite existing new technologies such as social networks and apps that offer simultaneous chats are very lively and effectively in connecting between people on the internet but email is still the fastest way to send information. Here we present a brief overview of the five mistakes that you should avoid sending an e-mail.

    1. Do not specify the purpose of the message in the subject
    Data loose as 'Question', 'Greetings' or 'Consultation' rarely draw immediate attention of the ...
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