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5 Social Media Tools That You Will Absolutely Love!

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How many social media tools are there?


Here are some cool tools I've come across recently and a few I personally use to manage my social media marketing.

[*] InboundWriter

It's normal that 20% of all the articles you create drive 80% of the traffic to your site, however what if you were able to know before hand if your content will easily rank for your chosen keywords? and what the competition really is for that given keyword or keywords?
InboundWriter solves this! the take into consideration your website's current authority and the keywords you are trying to rank and determine how easily or hard it will be for you to get ranked.

Any time you have a new idea for content, just use InboundWriter to analyze it and they will tell you the following.
* The chances of this ranking on Google
* Related keyword terms that should be included in the post if you write based on this topic
* The important words that need to be in your title
* How competitive it will be to rank

[*] Circlescope

If you want to build your followers on Google+ Circlescope is a really useful.

They provide really useful analytics on your account and it helps you find relevant people to follow.

For example, you can pick out a relevant post and get a list of the people that have engaged in the post or find people part of a shared circle.

[*] Heyo

Heyo is simply AWESOME! they've made social media selling incredibly easy, with Heyocart you share a status update on on your Facebook business page and your fans can enter the word ‘buy’ to buy the product! it automatically replies with the link where they can go in order to buy their product.

[*] Directr

We all know that video is becoming increasingly important but we are put off video because of the time to create it.

Directr iPhone App - This is a cool iPhone app that provides templates and directions for creating videos based on themes.

For example, if you wanted to create a video about a restaurant you can pick a storyboard and take pictures as requested. Directr will then compile the video for you.

You can add music and an intro and then you have a cool video ready to promote!

[*] Hootsuite

Hootsuite is awesome! if what you want is to manage several social media profiles Hootsuite is what you want, there are many things to be said about Hootsuite and it would take me a really long time to go over everything, however a little while ago I created a review about it, you can access the review clicking here.

I sincerely hope you find these social media tools interesting and that you try them out!.
Once you do, please let me know what you though about them

Jonathan Nunez


  1. AlyLauren's Avatar
    Thank you for suggesting which tool to use. I will try to use it and get familiarize with the features.
  2. digember's Avatar
    This is a great list brother. I have never heard about any of these tools. Surely, gonna give them a try.

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