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WordPress – Useful & Important plugins to install before starting blogging

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I assume you have idea about installing wordpress and use the backend of wordpress. So let us start with some basic knowledge about the wordpress plugin, which will make your blog secured and give some booster functions on increasing traffic on your blog. Also you have some security features on your blog to avoid spam emails and comments from autobots and black listed ip.

So here is the first plugin i would like to introduce.

Better WP Security

This is the first thing you should do after installing wordpress. Go to plugin > add plugin > search Better WP security. Install the plugin and activate it. On the right sidebar you will see a menu called as a security. Click on it and you will have options such as system status. You just have to click on the click here to fix. This plugin will automatically change all the basic settings of wordpress. Such as changing the normal folder structures and renaming the directories etc. So step by step fix all the options and make your blog secure.


This is a paid plugin. You have to buy a key for it. This plugin configures and keep you away from spam comments and keep only genuine comments. So this plugin is a Hero for all the wordpress users.


Install this plugin. This will replace your normal wordpress comments section and replace with the disqus comments box. Where user can comment using their facebook, gmail account.

Social media plugins - SEO Yoast

You can install any social widget for facebook and twitter to allow users to like your blog and connect with you.


This plugin allows you to automatically publish your wordpress post directly to tweets. Also you can connect your twitter account with facebook. So your post will published from wordpress to twitter and twitter to facebook. Everything will be automatic.


  1. SherifG's Avatar
    How to install custom themes on wordpress website
  2. jitendrasurve's Avatar
    Login in wordpress - Then you can navigate to left menu. Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Browse > Choose file > Install now > Activate

    You can also upload manually using ftp. Folder structure - wp-content > themes
    upload theme files over here and activate from wordpress > dashboard > appearance > theme > activate
  3. Susan's Avatar
    I do not think Akismet is a paid plugin .. I'm using it for free .. It is really good though .. no problem so far
  4. jitendrasurve's Avatar
    Yes Akismet do have a free version for personal, non-commercial sites and blogs. But for commercial website you need to pay for it.
  5. AlyLauren's Avatar
    What we use in monitoring our website is disqus, social media plugins and tweetly. It is way more convenient because after writing a content on our blog, it will automatically be posted in our social networking sites.
  6. digember's Avatar
    It's a good list. You could have also mentioned some other plugins about email list building, call to action, etc.

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