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10 Phrases You Should Never Say At Work

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Good communication is a highly prized skill current employers as it creates a bond of trust between employee and employer. Therefore, we are 10 phrases that should never utter in your work.

Sometimes the consequences of a simple comment surpass all levels and create misunderstandings difficult to reconcile. Here count the phrases you should never use during your stay in the office.

1. 'I do not like this company'
You should be careful about using this phrase as a bad attitude can cause your stay in that company has its days numbered. Remember that no one is able to deal with the bad attitude of others.

2. 'It's not fair'
Although it is regrettable, the world is full of injustice. If you feel you are being treated this way, it is best to develop a valid argument for your defense, instead of complaining.

3. 'I'll try ...'
The internare phrase has implied an impossibility to perform the given tasks and therefore could be taken as a possibility of failure.

4. 'They do not pay me for that'
Due to the daily grind, sometimes the hours are not enough to perform all assigned tasks. However, remember that many jobs require a certain schedule availability and flexibility is a skill that gives you more value as an employee. If you exceed the activities, it is best to remind your boss all outstanding tasks you have to realize, so you can delegate or delay some.

5. ... do not you think?
Usually this phrase is used to seek approval regarding a comment. But is frowned upon during office hours, and one might consider that your argument is invalid to support it.

6. 'do not know'
There is nothing more annoying than a person who knows nothing. Use this phrase can give an impression that you're lazy or unwilling to advance work person.

7. 'I can not'
This phrase suggests an unhelpful, rigid and lacking will to provide individual solutions.

8. 'But ...'
This word denies all the arguments you've given before mentioning, ideally replace it with a "y" that softens the message.

9. 'It was not my fault'
It defend first instance, look you're on the defensive. Better take an interest in solving the problem.

10. 'I guess'
This phrase implies an excessive preoccupation say something wrong.

What are your phrases that you will never say at work and why?
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