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Easy To Follow Youtube Traffic Backdoor

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Today I'm going to show you a sneaky way you can use today to get youtube traffic to your website or blog. There's no need to open a youtube channel or upload videos, some may know this strategy as the Tube Siphon technique.

Youtube has grown to be the 2nd most popular search engine, it is also popular than Bing and Yahoo with over 1 billion visitors every month. Lazy people will say this strategy doesn't work or there are no prospects to Siphon.

But there's more than 100 hours of video uploaded on youtube every minute, so there's a lot of prospects to siphon. There are a lot of people who upload viral videos on youtube but have ZERO marketing skills. These are the people we want to tap into and that's what this tutorial is all about.

Don't worry I'll show you a backdoor trick that is not included in the original tube siphon strategy.

What To Look Out For

To get the most out of this youtube traffic strategy we're going to look at 3 different aspects. First we need to find videos with over 10 000 views or more. The video also needs to be related to your niche for this to be effective. For instance, you do not want to offer a dog training offer in a video that is talking about improving your golf swing.

Next you need to make sure the video doesn't have a link/url in the description, also check that the owner of the channel doesn't own a website. This will improve the chances of getting the channel owner to approve your request. Finally you need to make sure that the video is trending-up. Meaning, the traffic keep growing every day.

To check that simply go to the video, look next to the "share" button and you'll see "more". Click that and statistics will show in the drop-down menu, then click statistics and that will reveal whether the video is growing or not, as shown in the image below.

Name:  Youtube Traffic Stats.jpg
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The aim here is to get our link to as many eyeballs as possible. In some rare cases you'll find that the stats are hidden, in that case, simply check the comments to see when was the recent comment created. That should give you an idea of whether the video is still getting traffic or not.

How To Find The Videos

There are 2 easy ways to find these type of videos, and that's if you are doing everything manually. If you have a software or an app that can do this fast then feel free to use that.

But the first easy way is to do a Google search for your keywords and find videos that are ranking in the first 5 pages on Google. If the video is ranking high on Google that means it could be getting a lot of traffic.

The second method is to use Youtube search to find the videos. Yep, it's that easy, simply visit youtube and type your keyword in the search bar. Use different keywords as well as related keywords to find more videos, don't rely on only one keyword.

Approaching The Prospect

Convincing someone to place your link on their video(s) can be harder than it seems. The best way is to always build a relationship with the person then ask them to place your link in their video later once your friendship is strong.

You can also offer them a certain commission as an affiliate or simply pay them to place your link. Most people will say yes if you promise to pay them for the link as compared to asking them to become an affiliate.

But remember, these people have zero knowledge about marketing, they keep posting videos simply because they're passionate about the topic so most of them will say yes to a 50% or more commission.

Avoid messaging your prospects on youtube if you can, try to find their email address or at least their facebook profile (not a fan page). Skype is another great way to connect with them, as it's much more personal. If they live where you live then that's great because you can simply meet with them in person.

Leveraging The Prospects Annotations

Another great strategy is to get your link validated on their account and use annotations to send more traffic to your offer. It's easy to validate your website on youtube, if you don't know how to do it then simply do a search on youtube and you'll find a lot of videos that will show you how it's done.

If the prospect agrees to put your link in the description, then convince them to add the link on an annotation. That will get you more exposure and increase the number of clicks which can result in more leads or even profits.

Wrapping Up

That's how you get youtube traffic without having a youtube channel or uploading videos. Creating your own channel and uploading videos on youtube is a great strategy but it takes time and it might not bring the results you want.

Don't limit yourself to Youtube only, there are other great video sharing websites out there such as vimeo, dailymotion and veoh. Use those platforms as well for maximum exposure.

The best part is that this whole process can be outsourced, you don't have to do it yourself. Or you can simply outsource some parts like finding videos then contact the prospects yourself.

Feel free to contact people who have links in their description as well, if you offer them a good deal they might replace their link with yours or put both links in the description. If you have a popular channel you can do a cross promotion with other popular youtube channel owners, whereby they add your link in their videos and you do the same for them.

It's that easy, hope you found this tutorial very useful and you're going to put this into action. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below. If you've ever tried this then please share your experience as well in the comments section.

Find more info about the author here: www.easytrafficclub.net


  1. elcidofaguy's Avatar
    Great post buddy! You know I've tried tons of other things with promoting Youtube videos - especially hammering them with backlinks using GSA lol.... However the simplicity of approaching for links as with guest articles certainly applies to Youtube videos as well... and with incentives such as commissions that should make it much easier... In fact this strategy can indeed work in other areas... So for sure I'll be looking into this.... Nice Ninja Tactic!!!
  2. Nytshade's Avatar
    Lol... I've never tried GSA but Youtube is a big authority site so GSA backlinks should definitely work, I'll look into it.

    Many Thnx for the positive feedback my friend. You're right this tactic can be used in many areas, I'm glad it has given you more ideas to push your stuff. All The Best

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