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How to get your content seen and shared online

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Are you trying to get traffic and customers to your blog ?

You don't have a solid strategy to do that ?

Well, getting traffic to your blog is the hardest part since you don't have any placements on search engines. probably you are with competing with big websites or started a failure campaign with the wrong keywords. or you didn't test things before you start a profitable SEO campaign thats why you are seeing no traffic. if you don't have visitors, you don't have community to visit or read your posts.

jUST quick understanding before we jump into a solid strategy to get some traffic for your website. There are two types of traffic paid and free. and everybody wants free traffic.

right ?

if you are on a budget then paid traffic is the best decision for you. its fast and Get instant results. While free traffic takes time and work. when i started searching for traffic generations, i asked marketersand they advised me to go social. do video marketing and answer people's questions.

that was the answer answer. I think These marketer spend money on SEO, and paid traffic while we are struggling to earn our first dime online.

Build a community on social medi sites :

Social media has billions of users and facebook is one of the best networkings to generate fans and convert them to customers by posting good content and videos to make them know, like and trust all good stuff we deliver.

This is how i used to build a relationship with my twitter followers, i post good content whenever i am able to write something that is good and always focus on solving a problem.

Use Video Marketing to grow your business

Youtube should not be ignored when you have a blog online. Big companies are using video to sell their beauty products. because YouTube videos convert like crazy to sell products. then small businesses have used this tool too. it works Great on social media when you create and post a video. people want to watch stuff more than reading content.

If you can do this job then its easy to create a video using your smartphone, even 2 minute video can get you traffic.


Building your tribe is very important and keep posting them good stuff. 100 follower is more better than 10 000 fake followers. they will keep engaging with you, read your blog posts, comment and share. you only spend sometime creating good engaging content and that articles can reach thousands of others just by giving a chance to others to share it .

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  1. nesito29's Avatar
    I don't think you understand SEO at all, both social media and SEO go hand in hand. What I mean is:

    In order to have a successful SEO campaign, you need to build relationships throughout your industry and this is where social media comes into play. It's not about one or the other, it's about how you can incorporate social in your SEO efforts.

    Social media is not a distribution channel. Sure, it can be used that way; but it's not it's primary purpose.
  2. kim16's Avatar
    The only way to know whether this is a useful content is to read more from trusted references. But this could somehow open me to the field of online marketing.
  3. nblinks's Avatar
    Is this strategy still effective in our world of online marketing today?
    I will consider using a strong SEO strategy to drive traffic to my site. Although, SEO and social media marketing work hand-in-hand.
  4. copperman's Avatar
    Thank you for the great information.

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