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Making money online today is easier in the sense that all the tools are there for you and harder in the sense that online markets are so saturated that the only real price is free. You've probably seen a bunch of programs out there that you would think, by the end of their video pitch, cost $500+ and end up being "on special" for $7. I see this a lot on Warrior Forum. That's because internet marketers don't like to pay a lot of money. So how do you really take advantage of capitalizing on success without giving away your entire working life for $20 of ad space?

Dominate The Marketplace

You cannot be in business in today's economy without being the #1 go-to guy in your industry. Where I live there are 40 other web development firms in a 50 mile radius, and that's just the ones who actually have an office. There are likely 50 more who "work from home." You have to be the only visible option and be willing to do what the other web developers wont do, and I'm going to tell you exactly what that is - sell yourself offline. Join your local chamber of commerce, get your LLC or DBA straight legally, get a free EIN # from Uncle Sam, buy a desk, chair and telephone. That telephone will make you more money than all the articles you ever wrote combined. That's because today, the more digital our environment becomes, the less-likely your competition is going to use "old money media" like the telephone.

You can get a lead-list fairly cheap. Hoovers sells name, number, address, industry, and income of all the people in your zip code - in fact, you get 200 of them free. If you just take the time during the week to introduce yourself to companies around your zip code, you'll end up being the #1 guy in your city. I couldn't believe that nobody else in my industry of web development was doing this - they were all competing trying to get on the first page of Google, and no-one sees me coming. So make your sales calls and visit the businesses. Remember, they have money. Businesses in America still have tons of money and they can always afford you. Even if they don't, they also have tons of credit. So if you can cut their costs, save them time, or generate new revenue for them, then simply make yourself personally available.

One tactic I like to do is make their website for a lower price and use them as references, charge for hosting, and charge $75 / hour for revisions later on. This also opens the door up for massive up-selling later, as well as gives me a trickle-down list of people who trust me enough to hand me referrals later. I imagine this is the last year I will actually have to "cold-call" anybody because I take the time to build a strong-enough pipeline first. This is also the last year my company will do less than $150,000. I'm not saying this to brag because bragging helps no-one.

Don't Sell SEO Unless

Have you ever gotten an email from some company in India promising you the first page of Google for just $450? Then you go to look for them on Google and you can't find them anywhere? Don't sell SEO unless you're either outsourcing it to someone else who IS on page 1, or you yourself are on page 1. I promise you that this is the first question they will ask. The good news is, you can easily get on page 1 by doing more than everyone else. Most people under-estimate the effort required to start and sustain a business - your whole life is about selling and promoting. You've probably heard the golden rule - 80% promotion, 20% substance / work / etc. Not applying this in my first year of business cost me thousands in sales. I didn't get my first job until 3 months after opening in 2014 because I was too focused on coding instead of selling. Today it's 20% coding, 80% selling.

You're Likely Underpriced

You're probably selling your products and services to people around you and giving them the "internet marketer's" deal, which means it's always 9000% off and your $4,000 software, SEO, or widget system is now only $17 for "today only." Raise your prices while taking advantage of everyone else's cheap pricing.

Most internet marketers will not raise their price. They think the market is too saturated to raise price. My suggestion here is to buy up everything you can. Buy all the lead generation, software, tools, SEO, widgets, back-links, guest posts, websites, scripts you can! It's cheap! When my philosophy gets going around, many will raise their prices for services. People are realizing that inflation is real and prices have to go up, so the majority of brick-and-mort. businesses are raising prices and doubling-down on advertising or sales in general, re-targeting the right people instead of trying to sell everyone at a lower price.

I myself buy things from vendors, even right here, all the time. I allocate a percentage of each sale I make just for buying internet-marketing related goods because I know the prices are often so low and unbeatable. Services here will save me time and money. Do it! You will never be able to do everything yourself, but you can always buy someone else's time and there are plenty of marketers who will sell their time to you. Rich people always buy time. Start acting rich.

Get A Sick Website

Your website for your business serves two purposes, and only two - to facilitate payment of services, to generate new leads that will pay you later. Your website is really your "automated hub" for spreading news and info to people in order to gain an authority in your field. As I mentioned earlier, though, most people who have a website know this already, and are often already engaging in some kind of PR or SEO for their site. In order to compete, your website has to be nimble enough to expand rapidly with new content several times per day. Its purpose is to have presence on the internet everywhere. Don't settle for "I just want to do 1 post a day." You need to write hundreds of articles per month. Buy articles if you have to, and post them. Silo your website into categories (we'll talk about silo-ing and sound SEO structure later). Post articles, videos, images. Post to every free advertising medium you can and interchange them (share them) with each other as well.

Write a personalize greeting for people on social media and send them a message of your article every time you post one. "But Michael, what is they delete me for being annoying?" You want that. That will tell you exactly who's interested in you or not. Remember, you're posting articles here, not banging on their door with a receipt book demanding payment for something you sell. It's just information - you're helping them be better-educated human beings and helping them return the favor by remembering your business and your name. I promise you that your competitors are not this hungry. But if you really want the all-famous internet marketer's "dream" of 6 figures per year, you're going to have to do some 6 figure activity.

-Epic Global Web
Sincerely, Michael

Updated 10-28-2017 at 09:05 AM by ulterios

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