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The Right Content Management System: REVEALED!

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Contrary to what you might have been told to believe about scientifically-proven content management systems that come without a flaw and all, there is really no perfect product, but there is one that matches your company requirements, goals and visions.

And that if you would be able to figure out what to check, you’ll be getting the best CMS around; otherwise, you’ll end up paying more for what you need because you’re not using all the features you might have to pay for.

So now to end up confusion on the matter of selecting the best CMS out there, let’s start with the key, if not complete, list of features to look for, although specifics vary based on your resources and needs.

A common misassumption of businesses is that they have to start creating, deleting, or organizing website pages for they want to leave this task to the content management system.

For instance, blogging platforms work differently. Some allow you to organize pages in a hierarchy while some do not. It goes without saying, then, that considering functionality before selecting a content management system would, therefore, help you stay out of frustration as things would go your way as you desire.

At the end of the day, you should be asking, “How easy would this content management product allow me to complete my tasks?”

BOTTOM LINE: Test a system for its usability before investing on it.

Asset Management
Bad file and image handling are a common problem for a lot of buyers, as they don’t find satisfaction in their badly-designed and poorly-performing system that also happens to frustrate their users because of their website’s poor accessibility and usability. To avoid this problem, in terms of image handling in particular, find a CMS that can force adding the attribute <alt> to your images.

Search Function
While every website needs it, as it’s where users start looking up contents, it may not be enough if it does not possess freshness, thoroughness, scope and speed. A good search function, for example, must be able to index your website regularly, including its files (Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel).

This is quite plain and simple. It does not make sense to have the most powerful (as you’re told) software if it takes months or forever to get needed support. In short, there should be key support features, including mentoring and strategic guidance for smooth implementation, maintenance and updating.

Before selecting a CMS provider, it would be wise to learn of the vendor’s vision, as to whether it sees your market and its roles in your business roadmap. If yours and their vision is harmonious, then adding desirable features to your CMS and growing their product as you do would be easy. Otherwise, unnecessary product features this vendor implements might just clutter your system.

Business Strategy
Before investing on a particular website content management system, determine what makes your business tick meaning get a hold of your strategy, and check on the overall goals and practices in your organization. One of the hardest questions to ask, therefore, “Do I have a strategy in place?”

So if your website isn’t performing due to dysfunction, utilizing software may just divert attention from the real problems if you would fail to look into your own execution and strategy first because you don’t understand what your real requirements are.

To sum it up, determine your CURRENT process or processes at work, the only time when you should start picking (and investing on a software solution). By doing so, you can avoid any associated problems when the CMS has been deployed.

Last but not the least, Customization
Before investing on CMS, figure out if it has the flexibility on how you want to present and retrieve your content. For instance, the website content management system must be able to allow you in extracting the most recent interaction forms and display them in your home page in a time sensitive manner (chronologically).

To sum up the features when selecting a CMS, it should not be all about technology, but it’s about your requirements, so before engaging with a vendor, look into these core functionalities and determine (if possible, list them down according to your priorities) what you are really looking for, as only in this manner you will save your budget, resources and time in getting intimate with a software, which is not what you need, at the end of the day.

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