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Content That Gets the Click

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Everyone who has an online business needs content but many times that is the one thing they skimp on. People are in a hurry to get their websites up and running and throw up PLR or content written by writers that don’t really understand how to construct a good article.

Content is what keeps people on your site longer and is also what keeps them coming back. We all focus on getting new traffic, but in reality if you have returning guest your traffic will spike over and over again!

What’s So Important about Content Value?

Do you understand the context of real value to your subscribers? According to the dictionary value is something of worth, merit, or importance. These are the deciding factors if your content will make your readers happy or have them running within seconds of landing on your website. Value can even be traded for something. Most Internet marketers trade something of value for an email name, or in some cases the product of value is traded for money.

So how do you get content with value? You can write it yourself or hire a competent writer to create it for you. Either way there are important things to consider.
  • Have you given yourself or your writer keywords that have been researched prior to the business of writing?
  • Do you or your writer understand on-page SEO, such as you would find in SEO Presser or Yoast?
  • Do you understand the importance of off-page SEO and that it includes outbound links as well as links to other pages on your site?
  • Do you or your writer know how to research an article so it won't sound like you rehashed the first five listings on the first page of Google?
  • Do you understand the flow of an article that includes who,what,when,why, and where?
  • Do you know there must be an introduction,middle, and a conclusion in your article to help readers know what's coming up as well as understand the content?

Please understand that unless you are very lucky indeed, you won’t get this kind of know-how for $5 per article. Be ready to invest in your site so your content will be good for the long-haul. If there is any point about this post to get across, it is this. Don’t spend tons of money on a header, fancy tools, etc., if you are going to trash it up with bad content. Buy or write “Content That Gets the Click”.


  1. PTTed's Avatar

    I deal with authority sites a lot as part of my business model. One thing I see people do a lot of times is try to create a website with lots of low value content on it like articles that nobody wants to read. Of course those people end up struggling when they try to monetize their site. They can't figure out why they don't get any traffic to the site. They think they need to use some gimmick in order to get traffic.

    I end up having to explain to them that if you are building a website that is based on people visiting it for the content, then that content had better be really great content that those people are going to want to read. You can't skimp on content quality if your site is intended to attract free content from the search engines or from people referring one another to it. You have to start with great content first.

    Nice article.

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