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Profitable niches for YouTube channel to earn money?

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    Oct 2014
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    Profitable niches for YouTube channel to earn money?

    Hi friends, please suggest me how to find profitable niches for YouTube channel to earn money?

    Are there any tools like google analytics to analyze keywords but for youtube?

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    Aug 2015
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    I have seen people make a killing with dash cam and car crash videos. Primarily, because they are mostly copyright free and there is an abundance of them. Personally, it's too gory and sad for me.

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    Aug 2015
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    The best niche I think is funnny videos, as people often search for them. Also games reviews as well.

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    I was looking into making money from Youtube videos myself and some of the top ones that many people seem to recommend are making money, saving money, how-to's, reviews, repairs and dating.

    There are others but these were mentioned a lot when I was reading on the subject.

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    There are honestly so many profitable niches when it comes to YouTube videos.

    Firstly, I really suggest and recommend that you start using this keyword tool: http://keywordtool.io/youtube

    As you can see, it will make finding the right keywords very easy. Keywords are extremely important if you want to rank your videos higher up!

    Secondly, the profitable niches also depend on different factors such as; what year we're in, what's currently popular and more. For example; years ago, the sing along videos (lip-sync) were a major thing, but now they're over used and can be see as cheesy.

    Here are some niches that are currently the most profitable on YouTube:
    - technology; we are in a technological era so it is logical that everybody is very interested in learning and seeing new things related to it. You can easily make reviews of new gadgets, smartphones and more.
    - fitness and health; you have probably noticed that lately people really started to care about living healthy and going to the fitness. Use this to your own advantage!
    - lists such as top 10, 5, ...; you can make the videos based on music, movies, games, ... let your creativity go wild and produce lists that nobody else has before! They're very popular.
    - how to guides; people absolutely love these guides. It can be anything you can. You can also implement some humor into these videos to keep people entertained and watching.
    - making money online; who wouldn't like to earn some quick cash from the comfort of their home? Exactly! Making money online is a hot and trending topic right now so you can make nice profit if you produce videos regarding it. Show them tricks, tips, different sites.

    There are plenty more profitable niches but I think if you just use the ones I've listed you're good to go!

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    It seems like the biggest moneymakers would be sexual, musical, religious, educational, political, or comically related. Anyhow, isn't that why most people go on there? For instance, some of the music gurus have possibly made thousands maybe millions from the site.

    Anyway, what do you guys go on there for? Is there any niche I left out?

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