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Is Blogging Hard?

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    I personally think blogging is hard , because you have to write from the heart .Off course people will argue that's the easiest thing to do. We all know how hard it is to put our thoughts to paper or to express ourselves. My thoughts are that it is easier to write, an article where you collect other people's point of view and add a few thoughts of your own.Blogging is like giving a part of yourself away. Sure that looks easy?Friends all that glitters is not gold.

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    Yes it is hard if you yourself unto anyone to write for you. You yourself should know how to write a blog, also know how to write creatively to attract audiences. Also, you should know how to catch those appealing topics and be effective as you can be. Most bloggers write for themselves and they do it while in the presence of the specifics they are featuring. Once you master the art of creative writing, blogging would be a piece of cake to you, can also explore Social Media accounts to promote your blog. Also, you must have good camera that comes along with your blog. Capture those appealing photos and blend them with your blog.

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    For me sometimes blogging can be hard but it really depends on your mood. My idea of writing a blog is firstly, I need to have a good mood before doing anything and I need to think freely so I can jot down without stopping.

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