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Do any of you use Plesk?

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    Do any of you use Plesk?

    I've been experimenting with Plesk the last week or so, as I'd not used it in a while. Just curious as to what peoples thoughts are on it? it's secure, stable and good to manage websites?

    What do you guys think about Plesk?

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    I like Plesk a lot.

    Plesk got a bad reputation in some previous versions that they released before they should have. Even since Plesk 10, it has been much improved.

    We still use cPanel for our Linux shared hosting (since it's what most people are used to), but use Plesk for our Windows servers.

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    We use Plesk for some of our customers and we don't really recommend it. Because it's licensing is confusing and costly (domain based licensing). Installation is also little tricky while you install it on Windows VPS. We install it only when customer precisely demands for it. We prefer cPanel in Linux and WebsitePanel in Windows VPS.

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    Plesk has been around for quite some time, and the main foundation of it is that it is fully functional on Windows machines and that has been their focus since initial launch (though they do have a Linux version, I have not experimented with it and now I might fire up a VPS and see how things have changed).

    cPanel tried doing something similar and launched Enkompass, however due to the complexity of building Windows based software and control panels and the years as a market leader for Windows based control panels Plesk had, they abandoned the project.

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    Plesk is one of the most popular web-based control panel. It offers support for Linux as well as Windows. Compared to cPanel, Plesk supports for a much wider variety of Linux distributions. Also, Plesk is built with an amazing feature set, such as file manager, email configuration, server and site security, and more.

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