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Forum vs Question and Answer?

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    Forum vs Question and Answer?

    I want to start a forum for a small niche but found that Question and answer sites are more advantage and easy to manage or developing. Does any one have experience on building a forum or a Question and Answer site, what should I start with?

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    If you're going to start a forum you'd need good graphics, a solid color scheme and design, and also clever places to post ads like adsense for example. The forum has to look professional and ready to receive visitors. The one thing people hate are forums that are 'under construction.' So make sure everything is set and 100% functional before opening up shop.

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    Well, if you have a small niche like you mentioned, I suggest creating a Question and Answer website. Personally, I prefer forums because they're an open discussion board community. Instead of just being a one-dimensional website for Q&A, I can expand into creating a marketplace and other creative ideas on a forum because my niche is all-topic. However, for your scenario, Q&A might be best because you're looking for quality solutions and answers in a smaller niche. Rather than just user engagement. Like you said as well, having a Q&A site is also easier to manage, in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry P View Post
    I want to start a forum for a small niche but found that Question and answer sites are more advantage and easy to manage or developing. Does any one have experience on building a forum or a Question and Answer site, what should I start with?
    It is such a good question indeed because I, myself is also looking for that answer. I also want to build a forum or a question and answer site too but I am hesitant to do it. I should gather all the ideas or even search more about this matter. Maybe, I should read all the threads here in order for me to get an answer, same with you.

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