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How to make SEO for Bing ?

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    How to make SEO for Bing ?

    Hi all,
    Anyone can have some tips for me about SEO on page to get high rank and top keyword on Bing ?

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    Around the end of September early October, comScore has released data shows that Bing and Yahoo are up about 30.5% in the U.S. market and google over 50% market share here. Moreover Bing has signed an agreement with Baidu, the search engine of China’s most popular (with over 1 billion people).
    After this I outlined 15 recommendations for you can achieve higher rankings in search results on Bing. In the 15 suggestions you have a lot ideas because it is the basis of SEO, and it is also very familiar with the seo on google.

    1. Increase CTR rate
    Duane Forrester, director of product programs Webmaster Bing reminded repeatedly that focuses on the impact on user search results like? When a search result is displayed on top1, Bing will look up users lick or no results? Range click rate be? And the user can return to the Site in a certain time period or return to the website instantly?

    Thus we see that Bing will retrieve ratio CTR (click through rate) as a ranking criterion in ranking search results, this means that, if today you are number one, do not celebrate yet , if the number of results you click on is not high, the title of “Miss” of you may be stripped.
    The question is: How to increase CTR click rate? There have been many articles about this issue and by the way I present to you all: “7 ways to increase click rates on search results”

    2. Reduce Bounce rate.
    Bounce rate ratio becomes increasingly important in SEO, it is a sign to evaluate the content of your website. Bing is not only respected but Bing CTR rate is based on the time factor between single lick your mouse to point to the Web and user exits the website, if the total time less than a minute or only a few seconds which means that your site has useful content to the user. If you stay on site longer than 1 minute this means your website is useful for the user search results. Have you noticed that both Google and Bing and had developed its own web browser (IE and Chrome) to collect the user’s behavior in a better way.
    The question you again? How to reduce the rate Brounce rate? Invite you to read further: “8 ways to reduce the rate Brounce rate”.

    3. Use Shema.org
    Recently, Google, Yahoo and Bing was developed to support a protocol called Schema.org enables webmasters to check the content by using special tags in HTML code. These tags allow search engines easier to understand your content by using them you can mark images, videos, product name, description, ratings, reviews, positioning information, map, address … and specify a semantic relationship between different components. If this protocol is widely used, it will allow search engines to understand and rank the pages easier & better, develop new services and presenting information in a user-friendly.
    The new protocol is given by the search engines to cost money and resources. It can be said is early to say Shema.org affect the ranking of websites now ranking world but in the near future it will become an important index to evaluate your on-site.
    You can see that google has applied this in G +, go to google webmaster tools, click add G + on the website, you will find instructions to execute a snippet, for example as follows: I made the snippet to the webmaster sun forum
    <! – Update your html tag to include the itemscope and itemtype attributes ->
    <html itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Article”>
    <! – Add after tags inside the head ->
    <meta itemprop=”name” content=”webmaster forum>
    <meta itemprop=”description” content=”webmaster forum, seo forum, internet marketing forum!”>

    4. Bing Webmaster Center Use
    This section is not new anymore, it’s similar to GWT so I do not need to write more !

    5. Build quality content.
    Most search engines are rated very high quality websites with useful content. With a professional SEOer to implement a successful SEO campaign is in the beginning they always remember that building good content is the key to success.
    The following are suggestions for you to build good content.
    5.1. Website of the information you provide is nothing special? content is unique, useful for user? Or content is nothing new, nothing interesting?
    5.2. If you write content, build or you’ll get from other sources?
    5.3. This post was edited carefully, meticulously, from the content to the spelling, syntax, sentence.
    5.4. Your content can be shared across users virtual social sites, blog them or not? Post has caused the attention of the reader or not?
    5.5. The text file that is a beautiful layout or not? The balance between image, text, video …. Harmony has not?
    5.6. Perform the removal Dublicate content
    5.7. The content of each pages are complete yet? It is too short or too long?
    5.8. You’ve got the succinct description, brief … for your products on e-commerce website or not?
    A good article is the complete article on information, it can answer all the questions of the user, not too long, not too short. The contents of the article must be unique, phrases, words easy to read, easy to understand.

    6. Factors affecting the users.
    Other factors affecting results in the search rankings are: website design, web page load time, navigation, content ratio between advertising and content, appropriate use of images , video …. All these factors influence each other back and forth time and affect your SEO campaign.
    For example: When a user accesses a ecommerce website that user is interested in the detailed description of the product, image, video … product. When you build your website content, you put yourself as the user, (do not always mean a SEOer) to understand what users want? What is important?

    7. Use the buttons integrated with social networks
    Bing has revealed that they use the data of two social networking twitter and facebook in their algorithms to evaluate the content of a website popular with users or not? So you integrate the share buttons up on social networking sites are essential. Today integration is not difficult especially if you use wordpress, joomla or magento themes … The rest is so beautiful and you custom create an account on the virtual social sites, so much for the information you can widespread in a short period of time.

    8 . Seo On-page Optimization
    All optimization for google you fully apply to Bing.

    9. Quality links building.
    Build more good backlinks for your websites!

    10. increase “Crawl” by Bing.

    If your site is not crawled by “spiders” that information will not be indexed and as a result it will not appear in search results. A great tool that can help you improve your website to help Bing Crawl HTML sitemap is easy. Moreover using RSS and XML site map, you can ensure that all pages of your site will be found and indexed by Bing. Create a webmaster account on Bing, Bing update your sitemap as soon as you have new information to be updated on website. Take Tan Dun robots.txt file to instruct bots Bing could walk all the necessary corner of the web and barred from entering the “prohibited areas” such as the admin area.

    11. Improving the website structure.

    - Application of optimization technique seo website design process will have positive effects to Bing.
    - Optimized URL, using URL keywords (keyword insertion into URL), do not use the index ID or unnecessary variables in URLs to avoid duplicate contents.
    - Avoid the maximum possible use of JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, iframes in the page you want to SEO.
    - Use alt tags, insert the description in the alt tag to increase traffic from image search results.

    12. Optimize internal link structure

    13. Geographical factors
    Bing uses a lot of different factors to identify the national website to display search results more accurate. The elements here are: The position of the server, the domain TLD elements, the location of incoming links, traffic information collected from visitors, the language on the website … and Bing Geo Meta tags used to locate website, which Google does not do.

    14. Select the domain name.

    Domain name in SEO is always important for two main reasons:
    A. The first domain with the keyword will be given priority not only to Bing and Google.
    Two. The domain name belongs to a specific TLD and this is used to identify the geographic location of the site. So choose domain name seriously impact your rankings. Domain name should not be too long, there should be other special characters because it’s not friendly.

    15. Do not use the Blackhat SEO.

    I do not like being cheated, you do not like being cheated, and BING not like being fooled, so you should not use blackhatseo. Blackhat seo techniques such as Cloacking (fool the spiders), for automatic content, hidden text, link Farms or three-way linking is not recommended in the Bing.

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    cbil360webdesign (12-18-2012),zebrathemes (03-29-2013)

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    Content is very material! it's difficult for me to do SEO on Bing.com.
    I have websites on top pages of Google.com but with Bing.com showed my result very face from top search result.
    Thanks for sharing good tips.
    Last edited by Jack London; 12-18-2012 at 09:17 AM.

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    Thanks for giving such a useful information. It seems you have great knowledge.

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