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DTS-NET Since 1997 UNMETERED VPS Additional IPs as Needed - Price Match

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    DTS-NET Since 1997 UNMETERED VPS Additional IPs as Needed - Price Match

    DTS-NET is a leader in VPS Hosting Solutions, DTS-NET.com has been bringing Professional, Affordable and Quality managed hosting solutions to users all around the globe. Here at DTS-NET, we offer everything larger companies do & even more, but for only a fraction of the cost.

    DTS-NET brings you our limited time "FREE MIGRATION + SETUP + INSTALL" Virtual Private Server Packages starting @ ONLY $9.95

    FREE Migration & Customizations/Installations included in all VPS, just contact us after signup (Ex: Migration from Plesk, cPanel and other platforms, Installation of Custom PHP 5, 7 modules, cloud, ffmpeg, red5, plex media server,ruby, java and more, just request it!

    Get Questions Answered! Call us. Chat with us @ dts-net.com

    Price Match Guarantee

    DTS-NET.com will price match the features and lowest current listed price of the following most popular hosting companies.

    Send either here on live chat or click on contact us or open a support ticket.

    Contact our team today with a copy of the competitors quote and let our team match or beat their offered pricing!
    Requirements for Price Match consideration:
    - Plans must include Unmetered data transfer
    - Provider must offer 24x7 PHONE, Live Chat and Ticket Support Price Match Guarantee is limited to one price match per hosting plan, per client and does not apply to: Promotional pricing valid for original term.
    Last edited by DTS-NET; 02-11-2017 at 03:04 PM.

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