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Anyone know how to get followers on Stumbleupon?

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    Anyone know how to get followers on Stumbleupon?

    I am new to most of the social networks and I am trying to make sure to utilize all of them to increase my chances of success. I am completely new to Stumbleupon and don't really know how to get followers on it.Even though I have looked around in google I still don't know exactly what works best.

    Does anyone have any tips or pointers as to how I can get followers on Stumbleupon?

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    From what I know, you got to keep on stumbling on others' websites for others to keep on stumbling on your website.

    The more you stumble, the more they stumble.

    A simple rule they follow.

    I would go for StumbleUpon only if I have graphically attractive content. It works better there.

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    From my own experience StumbleUpon is worthless regarding traffic and sales. The bounce rate is extremely high. If you offers something interactive on your site (a quiz, a simple game, etc...) you could have success with it, but a blog or commerce site doesn't really work.

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    Stumbleupon is a great website to share your content if your primary mode of monetization is via Google adsense. You need to share quality, interesting content to the site. Share funny stuff, weird stuff, scary articles, how to articles, etc. These do well on the site. I've had a lot of success in stumbleupon. I usually get thousands of views per day if my articles get liked and shared even by just a few people.

    How do you get follows? Simple. Just follow others. They'll usually follow you back. There's no secret to it. There's no cheating the system (although you can use addmefast, don't risk your account being banned if you've already been with stumbleupon for a long time).

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    Depend which type of followers do you need...if you won't genuine followers then SMO techniques will help you if you won't only followers then use the tool such as like 4 like and add me fast earn the points and get followers

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