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How to get a Adsense Account approved?

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    How to get a Adsense Account approved?

    Someone to please advice or help get my Adsense account approved. I have several blogs and I wan to try Google adsense and earning money with it, I am not sure what I am doing right, just needing some advice to get approved by Google adsense for my blogs. Please share your experience!

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    You have blogs, this is the basic requirement for adsense.
    Your blogs need to have good number of quality contents in the topics that have not been covered extensively online. This is the second requirement.
    Thirdly, your blogs should already be generating good traffic.
    Your blog should have nice design, privacy policy, about and contact section.
    If you have all of these, apply for adsense. If you are rejected first time, you have a second chance.

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    Before applying to AdSense, make sure you don’t place any other third party banner ad code on your website. Google hate that.
    Here are some other tips that can help you:
    -Have at least 10 well-written blog posts.
    -Add pages like Contact, About
    -Don’t use copyright images

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    The simple and basic terms of getting AdSense is quality content. Your website or blog have good amount of unique and quality content. Add About me, Privacy policy, Contact us page to your website. Make your site navigation easy. Don't use copyrighted materials like images etc.. Make sure you haven't add any other affiliate program ads before applying for AdSense.
    Check out my blog @ https://www.techblog360.com

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    Sincerely, have you applied before?
    If no, then you have nothing to worry about. Simply do a great deal of work by adding QUALITY CONTENT then try to get some engagement on your site to an extent at least. This helps Google to see an amount of seriousness therein.
    Encourage your readers to leave comments and do well to reply on your part.

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    To have an approved account in adsense, the first thing you do is to wait first to make your website or page six months old. Your blog post also should have a minimum of 20 post. You must maintain a good quality of post where in you can earn more visitors. You should also follow the rules and regulations that you have agreed before joining the community. There is no fast way in adsense to get approved all you need to do is patience and hardwork. Goodluck to you friend.

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