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What online survey sites are best for people from Asia region ?

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    What online survey sites are best for people from Asia region ?

    There are plenty of online survey sites which cater to US-Only users.
    I have tried multiple sites but there is a lack of surveys for my country.
    How much have you guys made from surveys if you are from Asia ?

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    There can be many factors that are needed to be considered before opting for a survey panel. But the first thing that always comes in the mind is what kind of payment method are you willing to have: whether you are to choose gift cards, physical vouchers or e-vouchers, PayPal cash, bank deposit and the like.

    I always go for vouchers in this case. They are pretty reliable when it comes to gifting.

    The next factor will be the time of redemption because no one wants to wait for a very long time just for redeeming their gifts.

    Here I choose the ones that pay faster.

    Then, the third factor is how many surveys are you going to receive, because if you don't receive enough surveys then you're less likely to profit anything because it'll take too long to reach the threshold.

    Again, the more the better.

    So here's my personal list with the type of redemption and the time taken for redemption and frequency of surveys.

    Survey panel (Redemption types/time) (Frequency)

    1. Opinionworld (vouchers - physical and electronic/usually 4-5days) (frequent like once in two days or more)

    2. Toluna (e-vouchers, PayPal cash and mobile topup/usually 30-45 days) (frequent)

    3. Xcel Suveys (e-vouchers, paytm, freecharge and so on/usually more than 45 days) (frequent)

    *please note: the frequency of surveys depend on demographics.

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    I've been answering a lot of surveys but none of them really pays. Some of them are always rejecting me in the middle of the survey. The survey that I earned so far is with mobrog but up until now, it's only $3 and you can only encash it when it reaches $5. Thanks for this. I'm going to try it and hopefully I won't get rejected and hope to earn some money. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmonk View Post
    There are plenty of online survey sites which cater to US-Only users.
    I have tried multiple sites but there is a lack of surveys for my country.
    How much have you guys made from surveys if you are from Asia ?
    The ones that I have tried where you have the chance to redeem paypal money or gifts are:

    Some tips. Try to complete your account profile so that you can get proper invitations. Answer the survey immediately the minute you get the invitation as they have limited slots for certain profiles. You get additional points for referring friends to register but make sure you invite only people who will be interested and can be potential active members or better yet, notify them ahead of time. Some surveys also allow you to use qualified members of your household to answer the survey. Make sure you read their requirements carefully before starting the survey. Have the patience in answering the survey and do not get irritated when you are screened out. Some sites give you extra points even if you are not able to complete the survey. The right survey will come to you in time. I notice you get more invitations when you actively participate. Lastly, treat this only as a side income not your source of “bread and butter.” Payout is not fast may take between 2-6weeks.

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    I really don't like survey sites since most of them are so very hard to deal with, most of the surveys that they give to you will screened you out. Although I have some sites that I am a member such as Global Test Market, the panel station paid viewpoint and instagc to name a few. I really don't recommend joining them because your precious time is not worth it. It will takes time for you to be able to make money out of it. I would really recommend instead to join some paid to post forum rather than wasting your time making surveys. Yo will not really earn well in this survey method, that is why I really don't like them.

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