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PayPal Permanently Limited With No Appeal? What Options Are Available For Me?

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    PayPal Permanently Limited With No Appeal? What Options Are Available For Me?

    I have been limited permanently by PayPal for unusual account activity just recently. Considering it is PayPal, they never tell you the exact reason why they limit me. I tried calling them, but they kept giving me the run around and stating unusual activity when in fact nothing of my transactions or activity differed at all.

    Now my question is, is it possible to ever use PayPal again? Has anyone got a permanently limited PayPal reinstated?
    Has anyone been able to create a new account without being limited?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I was in the same situation years ago, I got scammed from a seller on eBay but they sided with the seller, so my Paypal went into a negative balance. I refused to pay it so they eventually closed my account. I just made another one, with a new email address.

    I'm not sure how easy that would be to do today, although you can use the same bank account on multiple Paypal accounts, as myself and my wife both use the same bank account.

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    You could create a whole new account but not right away. I think if you link the same cards and bank accounts from your old Paypal to the new one they don't recognize them. You should wait at least 6 months before starting a new paypal account and re-linking everything. But be sure to delete your old one immediately to expedite the process.

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    As Judas2018 said, try to remove your credit cards from PayPal account and re-linking again in few months. However, sometimes PayPal will not let you remove credit card or bank accounts once PayPal gets limited.

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    The same thing happened to me, they blocked my account saying that my business is risky, they also limited $1465 USD, no chargeback happened to my account.

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    If all you really need to do is except credit cards from customers, just get a merchant account and not worry about PayPal. The first place to look into a merchant account would be the bank you currently do business with.

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    It depends if it's a personal or business account.
    There are no rules against creating multiple business accounts and since you are making it for your business PayPal does not consider it as the same owner so they probably won't limit that.
    If it's a personal account then you are out of luck. recently PayPal became very good at finding all your PayPal accounts even if you are using a VPN.
    One thing you can do to avoid getting limited has a lot of legit transactions as well. You could ask your friend to send you money to increase the ratio of good to bad payments.

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