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Which Is The best Payment method With Affiliate Platforms?

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    Cool Which Is The best Payment method With Affiliate Platforms?

    I find Payoneer quite sufficient and satisfying when it comes to electronic funds transfer. It works well for digital marketing sales sites like Click Bank and Click Sure. Which digital payment system do you use?

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    I haven't tried Payoneer, Is it better than paypal or payza? I am really curious since i had troubles with paypal on some of my transactions. I think i'll try that soon when i learn more about it.

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    I have not used many payment options, am on familiar with Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal. PayPal is my favorite, I guess this is since it the most common method that is used in many places, when other option aregiven I still find myself hooked to them. The bad thing with PayPal is their restrictions, they may end up freezing you cash with lame excuses.

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    I use a third party platform - Gumroad. They accept their payments via Paypal, and pay the vendors and affiliates once per week.

    There is a small additional fee - but because THEY handle the actual transactions, there is much less chance of me picking up hassles with Paypal. Gumroad handles chargebacks and refunds.

    Plus it eliminates the need for anything technical on my site - super easy.

    They also take care of product delivery, while allowing me to build a list of buyers automatically.

    And since I can embed the order form into the sales page, there is no extra step in the purchase process.

    Not saying it's the best option for everyone - but for me it's the best solution up to date
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