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Laravel or Symfony?

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    Laravel or Symfony?

    Both web framework are fully-stacked. I also learned both framework. I wonder which is better to master? One thing that I do not like about is the documentation. I also found out that other people also struggled to understand it documentation. Laravel on the other hand, has a great documentation and you can even copy and paste the sample codes and it will work. I think Symfony has a higher learning curve than laravel. I really prefer Symfony because it seems you are coding in JAVA. What separates them is that Laravel is really popular currently, and I think it will stay that way for a long time. What do you think?

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    Every programming language has some constructs that make it unique and better than the others. Not using those constructs is a big mistake. PHP, for example, has magic methods and traits. Laravel, on the other hand, uses traits and magic methods on a regular basis. PHP has 'goto' statement, that does not mean using it is a good idea. Laravel has much similarities to Symfony, and there are good reasons Symfony moved away from some of those features now popular with Laravel users. Laravel might be okay for building simple websites. For bigger projects, you need Symfony as it is significantly better engineered.

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