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Strategies to analyze target customers

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    Post Strategies to analyze target customers

    Do you have a strategy or any systematic ways to know what your customers really want, dislike, need, etc? Or maybe some tools you are using, maybe you could suggest some? I would like to know your insights about this stuff. I've been losing customers lately and for me to bring them back I need to do something and know where have I gone wrong so I could make it right. Some suggestions and insights would really help.

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    A few thoughts:

    1. The best way to find out is to do a survey of your existing visitors/subscribers. Period. There are various tools that allow you to do it for free. Even if just a handful of people complete it, you will still be able to see if there are any items that commonly pop up.

    2. If you changed anything in your page content or layout, you may want to use HotJar insights - a tool that analyzes visitor usage of your pages, and tells you where you are losing visitors.

    3. Did you change anything in your site/blog recently? if you did, did it perhaps slow your site/blog down? That could cost you. Maybe you activated an additional plugin or two, or substituted one for another - and the way the new plugin(s) work slows the site down. Or maybe you added a new theme/template/header image/slider...

    Any of those could be the culprit.

    Once again, if you suspect that might be the case, there are various free tools that will let you check your website/blog speed online, and even show you exactly what causes it to be slow.
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    As I know you must hear about Google Analytics. It is one of the best ways to understand user or customers behaviors. You can consider it as free. https://www.google.com/analytics/analytics/capabilities/

    The ways.

    Goal Flow, Enhanced E-commerce, User Flow, etc. Check out this guideline https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/7126596?hl=en

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    It would help if you put the nature of your business. But in general, try to consider the demands of the consumers nowadays in the business world. Hope you don't get me wrong on this but maybe in general, customers wanted more or want some changes in their needs. Try to conduct surveys to your customers or make a page where they place their comments and suggestions so that you'll know your customers feedback. An aftersales services maybe an exert of effort but it's worth to try to reach out to your previous customers. Hope it'll help you.

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