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How to do affiliate marketing? No list from beginning

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    How to do affiliate marketing? No list from beginning

    I am blogging from last 2 years ago. I have tried to for some affiliate marketing but no sale. I doubt my list is very small to generate a sale via email marketing. How can I do affiliate marketing that without building email list first? Where to start?

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    If you have not had sales for 2 years, your method does not work. Find a problem your readers have and market products that solve that problem. Then start split testing your marketing materials, sales pages, etc.

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    First off, pick a hot niche'. Bitcoin is super popular right now. Find an affiliate offer to promote within the niche. Create an opt-in page for the affiliate offer.
    This way you build a list as you make sales.
    The fastest traffic is paid traffic so you could buy solo ads or pay for advertising thru this site too.
    You build a list and can make instant sales.

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    What about promoting your offers through ads. Learn adword of fb ads.. target specific category which you think will be converting for you.. try 3 -4 times till you achieve your desired goal.

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    Youtube should be one good consideration for you.

    Try to find out what is trending on the world's #2 search engine (youtube) and find a product that fits.

    The good thing about youtube is that they provide you the landing page with video, they have traffic, you can add your affiliate link in the description and they'll even list your video in Google search results to boot!

    Your affiliate youtube video will be promoting your link 24/7 without worries. Then just go and make more hot and interesting videos.

    This method is FREE and is effective if you do your homework right. Additionally, this method will lay the targeted traffic groundwork that will help you with any further development into other sales funnel methodologies you may employ in the future.

    Great for email captures too!

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    Always know WHO your ideal clients/buyers are and figure out what THEIR NEEDS are pertaining to the product you are trying to sell. Be innovative in your solution so that your product seems new and fresh to the consumer, and your product solves their problem better and faster than any other.

    What are they having the most difficulty with and how can YOU solve that for them in the most creative, strategic way? You want to be what they NEED to solve their problem. Your product should be the solution they are searching for on google. Add those problems to your blog and focus on their problems and how you/your product can solve that problem for them.

    Once you figure out what the problem is, you've got what you want your marketing campaign to focus on.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemanja View Post
    I am blogging from last 2 years ago. I have tried to for some affiliate marketing but no sale. I doubt my list is very small to generate a sale via email marketing. How can I do affiliate marketing that without building email list first? Where to start?
    Blog writers usually provide quality content for their readers, making them trust the articles and advice they are reading about. Thus, when this will be the case, anything you will promote will be sold easily. But if your blog has a high churn rate among its readers, it's hard to sell, unless you promote a deal that can't be refused.

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    Nemanja, if you use email marketing, its hard to make sales. Email marketing is a bit good for branding, but not for selling. The reason is as you don't know who you were emailing and you don't know whether or not they need the product you offered. PPC ads are much better than email marketing. Except, your list are those who opted-in to you.
    Skill Sharing - The skill sharing center. Guest posting on Skillonpage and get dofollow backlinks.

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    Buyers want feedback and reviews on something before they buy. Most affiliate marketers fail because of lack of knowledge in the product they are trying to sell. Once you are familiar with the product then start promoting it.

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    If you have a blog, maybe you should start building your list using the blog. Have an option form on the side bar or as part of your articles post. All successful marketers have a list. You can either build it the Free way (eg-through your blog) or use paid traffic such as ads / facebook ads etc.
    Hope this helps.

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