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How to start up make money from affiliate marketing?

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    How to start up make money from affiliate marketing?

    Hello, I am really new with affiliate marketing. I want to start up with affiliate marketing, but I have no experience how to drive traffic to my landing page.
    So, Can anyone give some experiences.

    Big Thanks!

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    The first thing you are probably going to want to learn about is SEO/SEM/SMM. Believe me when I say this will take a long time to learn, but once you get a hang of some of the concepts you will have a much better shot at becoming a successful affiliate. As you know, an affiliate site without targeted traffic is worthless - what I mentioned above are some of the best ways to drive affiliate traffic. If you're interested in any of those marketing mediums, then start learning everything you can about it and test out those methods on your affiliate site as you move along through trial and error. Try to choose a niche that isn't too competitve, or else you will probably get crushed and never make anything. It will take time but if you stay commited to it and overcome the many roadblocks that you will face, it's possible to make some good money. That's another thing - plan on having a decent sized investment for your site, need to spend money to make money!

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