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How can I change nofollow to dofollow in Wordpress?

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    How can I change nofollow to dofollow in Wordpress?

    I am running a Wordpress blog and guest authors asked me to change the nofollow links to dofollow links for their posts created last time. There are a lot of works to do if I open every posts and change that manually. How can I change nofollow to dofollow in Wordpress quickly? I would like to know if I can do that with commands or via a plugin.

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    You can always change the wanted links/information via the database. This function for sure is available on the PHPMyAdmin. Press on the table, then go to "Search and Replace", enter the text you wish to replace and you will see all the lines that will get replaced before you continue. Make sure you have a database copy before you make any changes.

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    You need to install Better Search Replace plugin of Delicious Brains, that will help you to change nofollow to dofollow link in Wordpress with some clicks.
    Just replace rel="nofollow" with an empty value and the rest this plugin will do for you.

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