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How to send email newsletters?

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    How to send email newsletters?

    I have a huge list of emails, it has 5 millions of emails. My question is, what can I use to send email to this list if they are not my subscribers? I knew some email marketing providers as Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, SendGrid but not sure they allow me to do this? I need your suggestions to have a provider gives me functions as creating email template, unsubscribe button, bounce filtering, blacklist checking...etc.

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    If the list is not an opt-in based list that has given permission for you to email them or given the original email list owner the right to share or sell their email, you are basically on your own.

    If it is a legitimate list, you would still probably need to setup your own email server, warm the IP addresses and setup loopbacks on all major ISPs.

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    Wow that is a big list. Do you even know if it is a responsive list and are they in a specific niche. Because if they are not then it is pretty much pointless because you don't know who or why you are talking to them. If it is legitimate list then you could try to just test sections of the list and send test emails to see if anyone even responds. I use a free service to create newsletters with and you can connect all the info with mailchimp. You could maybe start with that. It's called Beefree.io

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