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ClicksCrowd - The #1 Exclusive Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network - Start Getting Paid Per Click

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    ClicksCrowd - The #1 Exclusive Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network - Start Getting Paid Per Click

    ClicksCrowd is the only platform in the world that enables any affiliate, with any traffic source to get paid per clicks. We provide you high quality pre-tested landing pages, attractive offers and a unique pay-per-click payment system so you could monetize your traffic with ease.
    ClicksCrowd has paid out millions in affiliate commissions since 2013. The network has comprehensive and intelligent tracking, competitive payouts and on-time weekly payments. Dedicated and experienced network consultants are available to help you through chat and email once you become an affiliate with ClicksCrowd.

    What is separating US from other networks?
    Fast approval - Get response and approval in the same day when you apply.
    Unique Pay Per Click Model - Start getting paid for clicks and stop worrying about sales and conversions. ($1 per click)
    Advanced Tracking And Optimization Data - We are providing each of our affiliate a dashboard with intelligent tracking info so you can optimize your campaigns with ease.
    Landing Pages Provided - We provide you with already tested and optimized landing pages, so you can concentrate fully on just getting the traffic.
    Unique Offers - We are hand picking only the best performing offers.
    Skype Support - Live Skype Chat Support is there each day to help you out with your promotion efforts.
    Weekly Payments - We are sending payments to our affiliates on weekly base.
    Popular Payment Options Supported - We support - PayPal, Skrill and Wire Transfers.

    Traffic Rules:
    The following traffic sources are not accepted: PPV, pop-up or pop-under traffic.
    No low quality source of traffic, such as underage users.
    No e-mail spamming.
    No deceptive advertising methods.

    Join ClicksCrowd today and find out the power of getting paid per clicks.

    Contact details:
    Skype: stojan2009
    Email: [email protected]

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    What is the minimum traffic is accepted for a website to be submitted on your ad network?

    What is minimum payout?

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    hello please reveal the cost the your service and what will be traffic of my website
    Fastest Cheap VPS Hosting with Free Domain Name and Free SSL Certificate!

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    @Nemanja ... We are paying you for driving traffic to our offers... For every new affiliate just starting out we pay $1 per click... If your traffic proves to be of good quality and converting with our offer we can possibly offer an increased click pay rate.

    Minimum for payout for PayPal and Skrill = $100
    For Wire transfers = $500

    Payments are on weekly base

    @hostnetindia - Think you didn't understand what our network actually does... We are an affiliate network, that is paying our affiliate for the traffic they are driving to our offers... We are not providers of any kind of service.

    What is unique for our affiliate network is the fact that we use unique "pay per click" model for payment.... So unlike most of other affiliate networks that are paying for sales or leads or software installs or phone calls etc.. We are paying when people click on the links on the landing page.

    Hope that clears the confusion,

    Let me know if I can provide further assistance.

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