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Affiliates Wanted - Earn 70% Commission Per Sale From Promoting My Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

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    Affiliates Wanted - Earn 70% Commission Per Sale From Promoting My Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

    Hi! My name is Marius Enache, I'm a web designer & programmer.

    I recently launched Zeno, a WordPress theme designed to help people enrolled in the Amazon Associates program to easily build affiliate stores in no time.

    Zeno makes use of the Amazon Product Advertising API to allow users to import & publish products from Amazon with just few mouse clicks. It also have some nice features like: responsive design, product price auto update, support for multiple Amazon locales, translation ready, over 600 Google Fonts available, unlimited colors, and much more.

    I think it is a very good product to promote, especially if you have an email list interested in "make money online" niches.

    I sell my product through JVZoo platform so you can easily become an affiliate. If you have more than 25 sales there, you are eligible to receive instant sales commission.

    Zeno is sold under 2 licenses:
    - A personal license: priced at $47, for which you will earn a 70% commission from each sale.
    - A developer license: priced at $147, for which you will earn a 50% commission from each sale.
    Both are in a sales funnel, so you will need to promote a single affiliate link to benefit from any of these commissions.

    To become an affiliate, you need to:
    - Log in to your JVZoo.com account (you can create one for free if you don't already have one).
    - Go to: https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/info/142529 and send me a request to become an affiliate

    I will approve your application in no time and you'll be able to find the link you need to promote inside your JVZoo account.

    If you need more details, send me a PM, leave a reply, or send me an email.

    You can also join my JV list. I won't send you any promotional emails or something like this, I just like to be able to easily get in touch with my affiliates.

    You can see a demo of Zeno theme here.

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    smallbusinesstoolkit (03-22-2015)

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