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What are the requirements for a WordPress site to be installed on a web hosting

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    What are the requirements for a WordPress site to be installed on a web hosting

    Unlike other platforms like Blogger, WordPress requires that we own hosting to install the platform. There are several web hosting companies that provide us with space at a low price.
    Before choosing, we need to know if the hosting service delivers everything needed to install WordPress, and we're going to tell them what should be fixed.

    To install and use WordPress, a hosting should have:
    PHP 5.2.3 or higher
    MySQL 5.0.14 or higher
    It is not essential but is recommended to have the mod_rewrite Apache module installed on your hosting
    Ideally, the hosting runs on a Linux platform where supported PHP perfectly

    The vast majority of hosting you deliver this and more. Some even offer you an unattended WordPress.org, things even easier installation.
    When choosing a hosting, you must consider a number of aspects: The amount of space you will require, bandwidth for traffic, ease of use and administration, technical attention to failures, etc.
    Being the most popular platform, servers make you easier to work with WordPress and any task required by the platform; from installation to updates without any technical knowledge.
    Hosting prices are highly variable and each user is to choose one that delivers a good price-performance ratio. Monitor on the internet to find reviews or complaints from other users, and do not expect objectivity from a company that wants to sell a service.
    Investigate, trades and decides: You are ready to become the owner of a site base on the WordPress platform.

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    There are a lot of advantages to downloading and installing it on our own server. The mods available for it are amazing, that is one main part of being able to install them easily. YOu have access to the whole thing if it is on your server, so you can access it via ftp. This makes it so easy to install what you want.

    Good guide, it is nice to see guides like this and I am sure it will help a lot of people

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    A lot of web hosts let you choose managed wordpress hosting with 1 click installation so you don't have to do much to get started with wordpress these days

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    Wordpress is actually easier in the long run, due to reasons you mention. That is how people learn the nuances of hosting a domain.

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