Email Marketing Service


Our Email Marketing Services help you send emails to customers quickly and easily. Supporting Html email forms in accordance with standards that do not violate the provisions of the spam email server. Send mass emails to the correct addresses.

A useful statistical tool which details the number of emails sent, the number of emails opened and the number of clicks any links in the email receives. You can instantly know the effectiveness of  your marketing.

Email Marketing ensures you send mass emails to your potential customers with the lowest cost.

Email Marketing is useful to get more traffic to your website and promote your products quickly.

Campaigns can include many types: to find new customers, take care of old customers and communicate with potential customers.

The functions of email marketing services:

Provides interface options with over 300 templates for modern industries.

Supports mail merges features to help personalize emails to each customer.

Subscribe and automatically marks the email as invalid or does not exist.

Effective account reporting including the destination email, keeping track of who has viewed, click tracking and information on those who do not wish to receive promotional emails in the future.


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