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By Tommy at January 25, 2014

Webmaster Sun is one of the biggest Internet Marketing Forum there is for Internet Marketers & Webmasters all over the world. We discuss about everything¬† related to SEO methods, Marketing Strategies and Web design to Social Media¬†Marketing. If you are having a web service or product that relates…

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The Right Width For Your Blog

By Tommy at October 15, 2014

There is dozens of screen resolution options available for users. Not all the users are working their browsers on full screen and it become very hard to choose right width for your blog. All available statistics give small benefit to users. There is only one stats that is…

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Elements Of Smart Business Marketing

By Tommy at August 2, 2015

Businesses do well with content marketing when planning up front is exercised along with effective use of common resources. Planning and Preparing Content marketing does not have to be hard. A strict regimen of basic elements help a marketing campaign is effective. Some of those elements include an…


How To Integrate Disqus Comment Into WordPress

By Tommy at February 26, 2014

Old WordPress comments system aren not enough security, moderns and attractions. If you would like to give your visitors more chances to log in and joining discussion, you will want to use the third party service like Disqus. Luckily, they have Disqus comment system which integrates into your…


Colors Matter For Marketing

By Tommy at August 2, 2015

Choosing the right color has a profound impact on the buying habits of consumers. Colors evoke emotions that trigger a feeling that matches an absurdness for the consumer to buy. Color Strategies for Marketing A strategies that increase sales include attention on color choice. Businesses have long relied…

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