10 Easy Tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog


10 Easy Tips to Get More Comments on Your BlogSometimes, people will be thinking of why my blog is not seen by many readers. There will be several reasons for that. Let us look into the reasons.
According to Jakob Nielsen’s latest study, 90% of online users involve in just reading and observing without contributing and another 9% user contributes a bit and lastly 1% people involve in active contribution. So we can come up with a decision that only 1% our blog users will have committed to our blog and others are like irregular contributors. Most of the readers sign off from the blog without leaving a comment. We have to make our blog reciprocally active so that readers will contribute before sign off from the blog.

There are 10 tips to accelerate the comment counts on our blog.

Tip 1. Invite comments

Inviting comments stimulates people respond by commenting and it increases comment counts in higher order to some extent. Readers who are new to blog will not be knowing how to comment and where to comment. So by inviting them to participate in discussion gives them pleasure to indulge in discussions.

Tip 2. Ask specific questions

If you post specific questions with headings on your blog surely it gives the number of comments from readers. Posting questions are the effective way to accelerate response from readers.

Tip 3. Be open ended

Always don’t say everything about the topic in discussion. So that it gives opportunity for more readers to produce their opinions and ideas. It may create other threads under original parent thread.

Tip 4. Interact with comments left

If you are not actively participating in your blog by commenting and posting How other readers can do?. Respond to readers those who leaves a comment. So that they think that there is value for their comments on your blog and it influence other readers to take part in your comment section. As the blog grows up you can be less active in your comment section as readers would have created their community and involve in their discussions.

Tip 5. Set boundaries

If you do not set comment policy on your blog too personal comments and spam comments would have come up.So it is better to set the boundaries so that you can avoid spam comments and it gives better look for your comment section.

Tip 6. Be humble

Be humble to know the concepts and ideas.Always people will show their interest to teach you if you are humble and down to earth. If you are humble to know about concepts automatically comment counts will grow up from readers.

Tip 7. Be gracious

If you are gracious then it brings you respect from others. If you commented wrong things, then confess your wrong things to others.It gives the readers to feel safety in your blog.

Tip 8. Be controversial?

Controversial topics gives much discussion and disagreement and argument comments. Some time it brings danger by keeping vocal members on your blog.

Tip 9. Reward comments

You have to use strategies to highlight good comments from other comments .So that you can bring the attention of readers who comment on the wall and stimulate others to comment as other good readers do.

Tip 10. Make it easy to comment

If there is complex procedures like registration and filling other forms then readers will not feel to participate in discussions.So keep your comment section with simple interfaces and attractive.

if you have new ideas on how to get more comments for blog, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this article or on our internet marketing forum. We are expecting that!


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