How to Get More Followers on Twitter


How To Get More Followers On TwitterWhether you have just joined Twitter or have been at it for months, one question that keeps resounding in your head is probably this, “How can I get more and more followers?!“. Though it seems like a daunting task for beginners, one mustn’t get intimidated. This Social Networking Site has etched its place in over 200 million people’s hearts and its high time you make the best out of it. Staying updated on the latest news, current events and basically keeping in touch with all kinds of people. Be it friends, Business associates, colleagues, bloggers or potential customers; Twitter seems to be the easiest and one of the fastest mediums to get your word across. In this article I will share some very useful tips that can help you gain both attention and growth in a positive and genuine manner via Twitter.

1 – Make Sure Your Presence Is Felt.

If you just have an isolated Twitter account which isn’t interconnected with the rest of your work, you are most definitely losing out on a big chunk of publicity and profit. If you have a blog, make sure you add your Twitter handle details on it. Also try and share your details through other social media networking mediums, which can help drive people to notice you and your work. If people enjoy your work, they would want to connect with you and draw some inspiration. So make it easier for them to find you, by displaying your contact details on your Homepage itself. If you contact people or deal with them through emails, make sure to include your details under every communication you initiate, this will give them a glimpse of your other work.

2 – Make Your Bio Attractive And Keep Updating It.

The first thing that a person will notice once they click on your Twitter link is your Twitter Bio. You have exactly 160 characters to make yourself come across as interesting and memorable. You most definitely must describe your work, if you are a blogger specializing in some niche; this is the perfect time to put that across. You should add the link to your blog and a recent picture of yourself so that the viewer and potential follower can understand you, your likes and work before following you. You could also mention some interesting hobbies if there’s still some space!

3 – Set a Target Every day.

Try and set a realistic target to follow and tweet to new people every day. Start with 3 then go up to 10 if you have the time. It is a highly effective and interesting way to get new followers on Twitter. You can’t go wrong and it’s actually quite interesting and fun to do.

4 – Follow Fascinating And Inspiring People.

Here is one of the most interesting features of Twitter, where you can converse with people you normally wouldn’t have a chance to talk to on a personal level. Be it celebrities, well known and inspirational people, to people who have similar interests as you. You can follow people, learn from them and share your concerns and comments.

5 – Can’t Do Without #Hashtags

Hashtags are probably one of the rare and useful search tools widely used across Twitter. By using these Hashtags you can simply club topics of interest together and view information related to it in a single and uninterrupted medium. By using Hashtags you can find people who would love to talk about the same topic of interest and it becomes easier for such people to find you as well. Like this tweet “#Internet-marketing-forum #Webmaster-forum offering best products for #SEO people and #internet-marketers”. So basically all internet marketing, webmaster forum, SEO and internet marketers related tweets will be together and a person who uses them in the search option can easily find you and your tweet!

6 – Offer Advice And Help

What is most useful and re-tweeted a million times is important, interesting and practical advice. Try answering questions, sharing helpful links (of articles, websites or simply resources) and try to be part of debates. People often turn to Twitter for help and useful information, try using this time to create a bond.

7 – Retweet To Gain More Followers

Try complimenting your followers or people you follow. Retweet and share their articles, links and ideas, by mentioning them and at the same time let them know that it was indeed very helpful. This will in turn generate goodwill for you and could make you more popular.

8 – The @ Trick

Here’s something you probably didn’t know, if you wish to reply to someone directly while using the @ sign before their Twitter handle, only that person and the people following you will be able to see that. Also if you include a time period before their Twitter handle at the very beginning of the tweet all your followers will be able to see it. So use this trick intelligently.

9 – Be a Part Of Tweet Chats

Be it any topic of interest from food, travel, online business to money, if you are a part of the conversation, people will automatically get interested in the work you do as well. By participating in the most popular trends you increase your chances of being noticed. For example #WebmasterSun talks about the various web design trends and SEO tips, whereas #InternetMarketing is a popular weekly chat on marketing online strategies. Try searching your favorite topics of interest and start tweeting away.

10 – Make the Most Of Your Blog Posts.

If you have written a post that is beneficial to others such as people or brands, try mentioning them in your tweet while sharing the link via Twitter. They would be interested in reading, retweeting and in turn promoting you and your work. Also giveaways are a good way of getting noticed, since people start tweeting and retweeting about you, which develops curiosity about you in the minds of others.

So there you go, ways to get started and make a difference to your image on Twitter.


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