20 Important Things You Need To Know About CSS


1) Know how to use reset.css:

2) Learn to use CSS shorthand:

3) Understand how to use class and id

4) Know how to use semantic HTML (used to make menu li … for example)

5) Construction layout using div instead of tables (of course still use tables for tabular data. To do this one must master the 10 below)

6) Know the tools to debug CSS (Firebug is the most popular )

7) shortened Know selector (not write lengthy abundance)

8 ) Knowing one number CSS Hack, eg:! Important

9) Know the technique to replace text with image (eg using text-indent is a very large negative number)

10) Know the technical CSS Positioning as: float: left, right ..

11) Know how CSS is loaded (distinguishing @ import and)

12) Know how to form beautifully with CSS

13) Regular code as standard CSS websites

14) Know rounded corners with CSS

15) Know how to maintain CSS code (write code for others to read, or after reading even understand, clear structure, with comment)

16) Know the use of different size units: px and children

17) Know the difference in CSS between browsers (with one CSS attribute on different browsers will look different, especially knowledge about Box Model by IE 6 and the standard browser concept vary in width, height, etc.)

18) Know how to design a multi-column web page using CSS (which is not difficult if you understand 10)

19) Know uses of 1 CSS Editor (such as Dreamweaver, Notepad + +, etc.)

20) Know how to use the media type (for website display differently on different types of devices: computers, projectors, printers, mobile phones, etc.)


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