20 ways to promote your website successfully


20 ways to promote website effecivelyHow can you stimulate traffic to your website? What are the most popular techniques for promoting any website successfully? Here we have compiled a list of 20 ways to promote your website successfully. Most of them I have used personally and I make you sure that you will get 100 percent results after successful implementation of website promotion tactics.

1. Intelligent use of keywords

Write a descriptive title of eight to ten words that should be keyword rich and makes easy for people to find you. Place the keywords in page headings or sub headings. Keywords should be used in such way that it can help users in finding you quickly.

2. Navigation system should be search engine friendly

Flash and Java Script menus look great to users but they are not search engine friendly. The best idea is to use HTML links to make your navigation system search engine friendly. Ecommerce websites usually create dynamic pages having question mark in their URL and long chain of characters and numbers. Search engine sometimes is not able to resolve big URLs and usually stops at question mark. The only solution here is to rewrite existing URL and make it optimized for keywords also.

3. Create a site map

Sitemap surely helps search engine in identifying all internal pages of website. Site maps are must especially when you are building a larger website. Here you can use free XML tools to create automatic sitemaps.

4. Web page content should be keywords optimized

When you are developing content for web pages it should be developed on the basis of keywords. The keywords focused content strongly helps you to improve ranking of your website. Overstuffing may result into blacklisting of your profile. Even image on the web page should be keywords optimized. Make use of keywords in hyperlinks and main page URLs.

5. Local business promotion

These days’ people love to search local business profiles near to their location. In this case, you should include complete address of your firm – street address, pin code, phone number and business services.

6. Audio and video content

In this technology age, people love to browse dynamic websites including audio and video content on their sites. Here you should take help from professional graphic designers that can help you with powerful animated clips.

7. Directory Submission

Directory is a powerful link building strategy that not only helps in improving page rank but also stimulates traffic to your site. Submit your site to popular directories like Yahoo. Directory surely helps you a lot.

8. Request for reciprocal links

Put your website link on popular domain having same business services and request for reciprocal links to stimulate traffic to your website. Here sites should be selected wisely otherwise your efforts could go wasted.

9. Distribute free content

Write powerful content for other sites and distribute your articles for free to them. Just ask them to put a link of your website at the end to promote your services. This is powerful marketing strategy and easy to master.

10. Blog Writing

Write a blog for your business and publish it on your domain. Be regular while positing blog content. Consistency is the key to success. If you had any problem in writing business blogs then you should take help from blog writer.

11. Join social media community

You should join some popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to promote your business. There are social bookmark communities available where users share information about websites and their business.

12. Join online Forum

You can find plenty of internet marketing forums with specialized interests. Take help from Google to find appropriate Forum according to your business.

13. Request users to bookmark your site

Ask users to save your website links in their Favorite Bar. You can use plug-ins to automotive this service. Generate high quality content that people could like to bookmark. If your content is powerful and engaging then you would be able to stimulate good traffic to your website.

14. Electronic Signature

Install electronic signature in your mail to allow potential users to stay in touch with you. It should not be extended further eight lines. The signature usually includes your designation, Company name, address and Company website. It would be great if you can include unique business offerings to attract users.

15. Publishing Email newsletter

Creating regular email newsletter is one of most powerful website marketing strategies. The news letter may include business services, any update related to your business or product information. This is an excellent idea building strong future business portfolio.

16. Email subscription

Whenever users come to your site, you should ask them for email subscription. We will advise you to include subscription form on each internal web page. It would be great to request for first name also so that newsletter can be personalized accordingly.

17. Transactional or reminder emails

Transactional emails are usually sent to past customer to remind them about your business services. Here you have to be extra careful about words. You can drop a mail reminding them that it has more than three months have passed, we did not hear from you. You can also ask them to browse your site for discounted offers.

18. Attractive offers and schemes

You should send emails explaining about attractive offers and schemes to your customers. Here you can include new products, special discounts sales etc.

19. Start an affiliate program

Here you have to register yourself for popular affiliate network like Amazon and ask people to purchase product on same store using your affiliate link. In this way, you will get commission on each product purchased through your affiliate link.

20. Pay per click (PPC) Ads

Put pay per click ads in between your web page content and earn certain amount for every click directed through your website. Advertisements are divided into many popular categories and payment also varies according to any particular category.
Well, we have explained most useful ways to promote your website successfully online. You have to put more efforts to increase capacity and benefits of any particular internet marketing strategy. Use them for your business and reap the benefits of powerful marketing tactics.


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