8 Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing


Successful Online Video MarketingNowadays, Video Marketing online is an extremely effective marketing tool. Many people earn a lot of money from this and a lot of brands have emerged from the use of video as a communication tool. Below is a guide of some tips for successful Video Marketing strategies.

1. Know yourself and your audience

Create a video related to your industry or something funny or newsworthy. I should be about a topic with which you are familiar and have some real life experience. The most compelling video will provide valuable information or insight and speak directly to what the audience wants. Therefore, it is also important to understand your audience and why they take time to watch your video.

2. Video realism

The best way to connect with an audience is to be honest and professional. People can spot a fake a mile away. People want to see that you’re human.

3. Outline a plan

Video Marketing plans should be clear from the outset, for example, what will be discussed, address a problem, provide a solution…etc. Write down what you will say then practice recording until you are comfortable. Communicate with the viewer what he or she should expect and leave them wanting more.

4. End your video with some questions

Regardless of what your video is about; you should make it to provocative for the viewer. Ask them a question to encourage them to engage with you. Viewers will share their opinions and this will motivate others to participate.

5. Get (and keep) audiences attention

Online Internet Marketing is key to your video because a person’s attention span starts to dwindle within 10 seconds. So, you want to immediately pique their interest. Begin by telling them why what product or service you are offering is beneficial and how it is different. Once you have grasped their attention, you have to keep them more engaged in the content you provide. It helps to split your videos into segments or modules so not to lose your audience with long drawn out feeds.

6. Filming

Many people feel that to have a great video you have to write a script, use expensive video equipment with high production costs. Nonsense,you can use QuickTime for screen recordings, a digital camera for filming, iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (PC) for editing, then upload to your website or YouTube. This can all be done on a shoestring budget.

7. Laughter

Using humor in video marketing is a great way to attract your customers. If the audience laughs, then they are happy. If they are happy, they will associate that emotion with your brand and likely share it with others.

8. Become an authority

Instead of creating a complete video ad of your product orservice, create some educational videos on topics related to your industry. Potential customers will appreciate the reviews you share and you will start to recognize you as an expert in your field.


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