Custom vs Premade Blog Themes


Custom vs Premade Blog ThemesAt certain point, every blogger in his career has to choose between custom or premade blog themes. There are certain factors to consider when you are selecting between two.

Advantage and disadvantages of premade blog themes


• There is no surprise that premade themes are available absolutely free on web. The term free is working positively for everyone as you don’t have to pay for it.
• Secondly, you had plenty of choices to consider especially for WordPress. You can quickly find out one suitable for your niche.
• There is no limit on number of themes as developers are postings new themes almost every day. You can pick the best one always based on your requirements. WordPress developers posting free themes just to get quality backlinks or to make their designs more popular on web.


• The most common drawback is that they are not unique. This drawback perhaps dominates all of the pros of premade blog themes. If you find some premade blog theme perfectly suitable for your blog, would you like to share it millions others?
• It is true that only good ones are picked by everyone. There are few themes that everyone wants to use for his domain. This is the reason why few themes are more common as compared to others.
• When users visit your website, premade themes are not able to leave long lasting impression. Is there any chance to hold the attention of users with premade themes? Will users come back to your domain? The answer is a big “NO” for both of the questions. The only thing that could work better here is to hire an amazing writer. Actually, good content hides the flaws of design or we can say users focus more on content instead of focusing on content.

Advantage and disadvantages of custom blog themes


• The biggest disadvantage of custom blog themes is their uniqueness. The customized theme cannot be used any other website owner. Here, it would be easy to capture the users’ attention.
• Customized themes help in generating good brand image. They are leaving long lasting impression on viewers. They will make your memorable and you would be able to stand out from crowd. Add a unique image to your blog based on your brand.
• Customized themes are usually prettier than normal ones. Designers don’t put maximum when launching free themes. This is not the case with customized themes. They had good layout in accordance to your brand.
• There is only single drawback that is cost.


You have to pay good amount for customized themes. For the decent design, you can pay as small $300 but for better layouts cost may be up to $5000. Do you think $5000 is overdoing for blog design? But developers are putting maximum efforts to get the best design.
Still you are thinking for switching from a non – unique blog design to unique design? I think, you should definitely go for customized theme as soon as you can afford it. Brand yourself, create a memorable impression and be different from crowd. This all can be done with simple technology that is customized blog themes.


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