The Key To Writing a Perfect Article


The Key To Writing A Perfect ArticleWe all know the great benefits of maintaining online blogs in the world today. A blog is not only a good manager but is also the key platform for online marketing opportunities. This opportunity creates the presence of the product or service you are trying to promote on the internet. In order to attract more people who will read your article, you should be clear, concise and witty. Let’s go through some of the major factors you’ll need to concentrate on in order to create a good article for your blog.

1 – Using a clever title.

When you create a headline that demands attention, be sure that the article will fetch a memorable place in the reader’s mind. You should take anywhere between 7-10 minutes to think about the title for the article because it accounts for at least 30% of the success of your article. With the trend of social networking, one must keep in mind that the article title shouldn’t be too long, instead it should be short and sweet so as to engage a reader and be shared on the network. This process is very essential and it must be given a fare amount of thought.

2 – Divide your article into paragraphs.

When you divide your research or opinion into paragraphs, it helps the reader to understand the content easily. This is an effective way to make the readers feel comfortable enough to continue reading your article. As long and continuous articles usually put off a reader’s interest, the article must be positioned attractively to create both curiosity and excitement. So the best option is to try and divide the article into small paragraphs.

3 – Attractive content.

A blog post must be excellent, not just perfect accuracy in grammar or spelling, but it also needs to show the personal opinion of the author. Don’t be afraid of using the communication style of conversation in your post. Personal stories and communication via conversations is a great way to help your article become more attractive and meaningful.

Always write the content for the reader, do not just write for search engines. Focus on the reader because the search engine will only collect data from your site if you have enough of visitors. So instead try to write for people and write according to their preferences.

Add the element of humor in the article. Everybody likes funny things and the use of humor in the article will help create interest thereby enticing the reader to visit your site more often.

4 – Add images to the article.

Using pictures is a very effective way for you to make sure that the reader does not get bored. If your post looks nice, it will persuade the readers to keep on reading. Take the time to add images and make sure you also concentrate on formatting your article to create an aesthetic appeal. Make sure your articles look interesting enough to stand out.

5 – Content that matters.

No matter how well written or informative the article is, if the content is not relevant to the reader, then it will definitely just go to waste.

Content that exactly meets the needs of readers should be your top priority when writing and blogging. Writers need to understand and research what information is relevant to their requirements as well as what is relevant to the readers for blogging. Omit the unnecessary and stick to what’s the most important and interesting.

6 – Useful information.

Whilst writing articles, one must make sure that it’s not just words; instead it should be opinionated backed with information that is both useful and important. Your blog should help set goals, and provide useful information that readers can use effectively. Readers will appreciate useful information which can be implemented and measured. Inevitably, readers will come back to your blog if your post is both relevant and useful to them.

7 – Generate Discussion.

Follow the trend of creating conversations that will eventually lead to a debate, this two-way communication will make your readers active participants and followers of your blog. It is important that you initiate as many talks and discussions on the topic in the blog. You will know that a post is great when it generates more attention and discussion, so do not forget to bring your readers into that sphere.

Ask the readers to leave their feedback, opinions, thoughts, or even their comments on the article or the blog!

8 – Maintaining the coherence of the article.

Many a times there are posts that may have interesting content, but no one reads or even notices that article. So what may be the reason for this? One of the major reasons is that the article could have been very difficult to understand and hence the readers neglected it. Posts are not prose, so you should express briefly and go straight to the point.

9 – Appropriate length.

This is a complex issue, some say the length of a blog post should be about 500 words. Others say that a post should be at least 1000 words.

The fact of the matter is that an article should manage to convey your basic idea across. It must have sufficient length so that you can explain your ideas and concepts succinctly. So it works both ways, if your post is say 400 words and it clearly explains your messages then you have definitely bagged the prize. But vice-a-versa if that same article is interesting, compelling, relevant to readers, and useful information when it is a 1500 words then also it can work and be a great post. The underlying fact is that the article must manage to strike a connection.

In short, the key to success is your attempt at maintaining the quality of the article with essential information, it should be consistent, easy to understand and the writing style should be compelling. Not only that, you also need to foster a sense of community online, build and maintain a link between you and the reader. So you’re all set to explore the world and share your ideas!


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