Ways increase backlinks for your website


The increasing backlink completely free at no charge and you can easily do. The increase backlinks are not merely about increasing your pagerank but it also helps your blog more traffic and faster index based on SEO principles parasites.

1. Comments on the blog the same topic

Comment (comment) is a very simple and effective. I did contemplate this and see it as the most sustainable way to help you have a potential audience. Moreover, the comment on the blog the same subject will help your blog more effective backlink.

In addition to increasing backlinks & traffic effects, when commenting on the blog, you will find ideas to write articles for his blog and it is important to create good relationships with other bloggers. To ensure that you get a backlink to comment on the blog quality then you should also consider in the form of dofollow blogs. However, in more recent information, Google is considering nofollow backlink count so you can comfortably comment on any blogs as long as it has the same subject with your blog.

2. Backlinks from the forums

Usually the signature forum section so you have introduced yourself and insert the link to his blog. You can get backlinks this way.

His experience participating in the forum link is not spam. Should take some time, expressing themselves as useful and created its own brand. This means that you are a little influence in the box in which you participate and support your friends when inserting links to articles would be very easy and not the mod delete.

3. Exchanging links with other blogs and topics

Most bloggers have a link exchange items with friends. However, you should select the blog with the same topic for the exchange will have many more advantages.

Do not take that talk to any blog by so they would not have much effect in terms of the increase pagerank that Google was probably a punishment for breach of spam links. If your blog on IT, you should find the blog together to discuss IT topics, we do not exchange with blogs Fashion Tourism or ….

4. Social Bookmarking

Send your posts to social bookmarking sites is essential and so many pages still sets the dofollow backlink opportunities should be very high.

In the world you may consider sites like Digg, Mixx, Reddit .. It should be noted when posting to these networks, you should choose the right category to avoid locking threads Clause.

To get high traffic on sites like this is the first thing is to participate actively, or vote for the article, do not just vote for all of my blog. Exchange to generate credits, make friends … will help you get more votes and more traffic, not necessarily all backlinks.

The post on sites like this will help your post be indexed faster. This is from the undoubted because everyone can easily contemplate.

5. Guest Blogging

This model is still relatively new in any countries but it has been a very effective model in the world today. Many novice bloggers spent the next half a year to write the articles or posting them on some popular websites …. to create a highly valuable backlink and bring to website more traffic.

Why do they have to send the article or blog without my? Because no one knew their blogs so they have to rely on him to increase traffic and PR major. Rather than put the money to buy ads on Google AdWords … they gave up the post a few items and then send large pages more efficient.

Many bloggers have been very successful and their blog after a short time has achieved success beyond expectations. This model should be replicated in Vietnam.

Do not think you just focus on writing or is already good. It is true that all or a place to look but it needs leverage to attract users and effective way is to send it to the big top to create a brand for yourself.

These are just five simple way (there are many other ways), without loss of efficiency costs that are huge.


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