How to Get Customer Testimonials


How to Get Customer TestimonialsWhat is a testimonial?

The first, we see an example to understand what is a testimonial, For example a testimonial written for “Webmaster Sun is really good internet marketing forum for webmasters join to share and discussing about internet marketing, SEO, make money online and more related things about web development. I’m impressed with its design and hang out here daily to see more useful information sharing.”

So, What is a testimonial ?. We can define a testimonial is a statement or written affirmation in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim. Testimonials are often used in court for people sharing their opinion about a product, a website or a person that they feels it’s helping their life.

In online business, one important thing that all sales pages should have is a list of testimonials. Testimonials are written by people who used the product or liked the product. They bring out improvement on internet marketing of product by attracting people. If you get the positive testimonials for your product or services, then automatically you can attract clients to purchase your product or services. Getting the testimonials from clients or customers are not an easy task and it is not a straight forward way. There are some strategies through which you can get the testimonials. People can send the testimonials by email or by postal services or directly, they can submit the testimonials to the website. It is their wish. Totally getting the testimonials is a very important thing. Let me explain those strategies which help in getting more testimonials.

1. Don’t use fake testimonials.

I have observed many people creating fake testimonials to attract the consumers. Some time they simply tell their friends or relatives to write fake testimonials for their product. This is not at all correct way to get testimonials. Testimonials should be of an actual review of the use of the product. Ethically specking fake testimonials are not a good approach. Next people can easily identify the fake testimonials. If they find that they are fake testimonials then you will be in struggle to succeed. Be honest yourself and encourage your consumers also to be honest to give the actual feedback for your product. From actual feedback you can come to know how you can improve your product and the measures that you can take for improvement.

2. Ask Beta testers.

From Beta testers also you can get the actual feedback. This is also one of the best strategies to get more testimonials. You can invite Beta testers to use your product freely and test your product. Beta testers will give actual feedback which could be positive or negative. You can add subtitle in the testimonial section as “Check what other people said after using the product”. It gives more transparency to your product review. You can also specify that the reviews are from Beta testers.

3. Explicitly ask the customers.

There are less customers they provide you the feedback after using your product. So you should not hesitate to ask for feedback for your product or service. So you should ask them questions like how your product is different from competitors. Make a list of questions which are easy to provide a review for your product. You can send email to customers after one month of purchase to ask for product review.

4. Give them an incentive.

Most of the people will feel lazy to fill the feedback form and they think that time will get wasted by filling the feedback form. So you must be thankful for those customers who will fill the feedback form and give the review for your product. So you can give them small incentives in the form of an eBook or something else. It is one of the best approaches to get more testimonials. But they should not think like you are giving bribe to them. So it is better to specify that giving incentive is saying thanks for giving a review.

You can also conduct testimonial party to get testimonials from your regular customers in your local area. You can also tell your supporters to provide actual feedback for the product. You can also use social networking sites to get more peoples to use your product and write their review.


If you use all these strategies like to avoid using fake testimonials, asking for Beta testers, explicitly ask customers to give review, providing incentives for giving review or help in getting more testimonials. These are also help in attracting people to use your product or service. Good reviews automatically increase your product usage and bring you more profit.


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