Top 10 Reasons Why your Blog Didn’t Make More Money


10 Reasons Why your Blog Did not Make More MoneyNowadays we all know that blogging has almost become a trend. People from various countries are interlinking with each other, whilst sharing both valuable information and cultural nuances. The subtle use of sharing knowledge to gain traffic and in return making a profit isn’t hidden today. But despite the hype and help that is available, not many people manage to make big bucks from their blogs.

In this article, I will try and explain these small but very important things so that bloggers and potential writers can avoid these mistakes while in the pursuit of earning from their blogs. They should concentrate on following these basic but often overlooked tips.

1. You Need To Choose The Right Topic.

Many people choose themes and topics that may only seem good to them or maybe a few people. Without understanding that the same topic may not be interesting to others and that in such cases advertisers or readers will not access the blog in the first place. So choosing a commercial and appealing topic is the first step towards success.

2. Devote The Right Amount Of Time

You must make sure you have time to complete the task that you have undertaken. You may have to look into the dealings of the blog on a daily basis or at least weekly basis. So either ask someone to help you or spare sometime for your blog.

3. Don’t Give Up

Sometimes blogs take time to reach their peak, so if you lose hope and give up on your blog it may be a waste of both your time and resources. It could take anywhere between a few months to a year to get results, so hang in there.

4. Open The Door When Opportunity Knocks

Don’t be lazy or laid back, make efforts and try to bag opportunities. Sometimes that very opportunity could be the turning point of your blog. The success of your blog depends on you being proactive and vigilant.

5. Be As Good As A Professional Writer

Whether you wish to accept it or not, blogging is after all communicating via a written medium and you must have command over the language. If your base is weak, then you might find it difficult to cope later on. You could sometimes try and seek help from freelancers or hire someone instead.

6. Be Focus Oriented

Make sure you never lose sight of what is important. If you try and diverge your energy and resources to many other activities simultaneously, you might not really gain anything. Try and work on a single project or idea and never leave until you have finished and excelled at it. This will ensure a sustainable blog that will help you earn profits in the future.

7. Concentrate On Your Readers

Don’t take your audience for granted, don’t praise yourself and cater to just your needs. Try and see what is relevant to your audience and focus your energy on attaining that. Maintain a bond with your readers if you want them to always come back to you.

8. Go By The Rulebook

Some bloggers can turn greedy and break a number of rules. Some rules could be related to advertisements or the content on the blog, whereas others could be related to the ethics of publishing and contacting the writers or potential readers.

9. Don’t Get Distracted

Blogging involves a variety of tasks, but this doesn’t mean that the blogger should get distracted and lose focus of the essence of the blog, which is primarily to concentrate on the content. Make sure the topics, quality of writing and visual appeals are all in sync with the theme of your blog.

10. Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Important

Many bloggers have brilliant ideas, without actually understanding that they should be feasible and realistic at the same time. Take up things that you can handle for sure, test your capabilities and potential but don’t spread yourself across too many projects at the same time. See what’s most important and pay minute attention to that.

If you manage to understand these things and avoid mistakes arising from not following them, you are surely on the right track. Minor setbacks, slow progress and time shouldn’t break you or your spirit. Hang in there and success will be yours.


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