How to increase Likes for your Facebook Page


fb-articleWith more than 1 billion Facebook users, it makes sense to think about increasing number of likes for your Facebook page. I am sure of one thing that  you will get more benefits  if your fan page is having thousands or millions of  facebook fans. However, many people are still ignorant about the ways to achieve this feat. If you are using your Facebook page to help in getting more leads and more business for your social network marketing strategy, you need to make efforts to attract more people like your page.  Here in this article, I am going to share some easy tips but they are effective ways to increase likes and engagement too.

Interact with your audience

Let me clear one thing before moving on that “likes” and “engagement” should go together.  “Likes” that are result of engagement are useful for your business. So, the process to increase Facebook likes should start with audience engagement and that natural interaction with your audience will lead to potential clients getting interested in your products and services. A “like” on Facebook is not just a number, it is an expression by a real person and your potential clients, so treat them with respect they deserve,  respond to their comments,  give them help when they need and entertain them. Once people are drawn to your business page, you can increase your community by following a strategy involving a few effective ways.

Visit your audiences

Often make visits to the Facebook pages of your friends, read their posts, leave comments and like them. They will naturally return the favor someday by visiting your page. It will help you build a relationship with them. Moreover, when you visit their page, others will also notice you and become curious about you and visit your page.

Join interest groups

Facebook is loaded with a large number of groups formed by like minded people. Search for groups that interest you and are related to your business and post on them.   Find a group where your content will resonate with the members.  But make sure not to post blindly or over promote your business. While your focus should be on promotion, you should post to educate people or to seek their help. It makes way for other people to interact with you and like your page.

Post only high quality, original and relevant content

Posting high content can only create buzz among the readers. When your audience like reading your content, they will come back to read more and Facebook will inform their followers too, potentially bringing them to your page.   Once they are on your page, you can get more likes.

Link your business page to your personal profile

Linking your personal profile to your business page will increase the possibility of people visiting your personal profile to visit your business page and giving you “likes”.

Place link to your Facbook page on your blog posts

This is an important step even if you are guest blogging to get more people to your Facebook page. If people like your content, they will naturally like to get more information which you can give by giving them link to your Facebook page.

Place a Facebook like box on your website

Many times, people will arrive on your blog from another source which are not related to your Facebook page, so give them an opportunity to connect with you on your Facebook page by placing a Facebook likebox.


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