How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online


BLOG-ARTICLEIf you specialize in a particular category or niche, you are very much welcome to work on your way to make money online blog. However, you may be thinking that you cannot do so because you’re not a website designer or expert. You possess little to no knowledge in coding or programming, too.

Despite lacking such skills, you CAN MAKE A BLOG, so if you are determined to make money online using it, read this.

Blogging Is Not A Far-Fetched Idea.

• Setting up a blog isn’t hard or impossible at all!  What you need is KNOWLEDGE in a specific niche. As you may already know, you cannot be a blogger if you don’t specialize in one or several niches because blogs are used to share knowledge; solve a problem; and/or present ideas.

• If your problem is BUDGET, you don’t have to. Did you know that you could set up a blog/s by using free blogging platforms, including Blogger and WordPress?

Yes, that’s right! If you want to start blogging, create free accounts in any of these sites or another.

• Now if you’re worried about TIME, you shouldn’t. An ideal publishing rate is at least two posts per week, but if you got more spare time, you can blog as often as you want, and share more knowledge to the world.

Above are common issues why some are hesitant to blog, but definitely, there is ALWAYS A WORKAROUND in every problem.

If everything’s clear and you’re ready, let’s start with these 10 easy steps to start working ways on how to make money through a blog.

Step 1 – Decide TODAY.

Stop procrastinating! If you do, you will get nowhere but in the same old bothered and unproductive folk.
Decide on which niche you want to blog about so that it would be easier for you to build your brand around that topic.

Speaking of deciding, you should be determined and focused in creating, posting, updating and sharing your blog. As you may know, becoming an authority in your chosen niche DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT.

If you want to make money from blogging and eventually make an endless income from it, you should be focused on building your reputation. To do that, you have to be consistent and eager to work hard on your blog to carve a name in your chosen industry, for instance.

Step 2 – Create A Your Very Own Blog.

This is one of the most crucial aspects because you don’t have a blog without it. Find your blog’s home where you will write and publish your contents – reviews, blogs, articles and videos, among others. It is also, where you will customize and update your blog in order to make money from home and blogging.

If you have enough money, you can go for a full service blog so that the technical people will manage the technical aspects and you can focus on creating your blog posts. Alternatively, still, you can use free blogging sites as those mentioned earlier in this article.

1. See if the blogging venue is fully setup so that you can blog right away.
2. Check if it is easy to use with a very good interface.
3. Look into its blog support if you’re going for a paid service. This way, any concerns and issues can be addressed in no time with their people.
4. Check if the blog site has easy to follow instructions in getting started on how to start a blog.
When you’ve chosen where you blog in order to get started on how to start a successful blog, you should also decide for the plugins to use. This will lead to the next step.

Step 3 – Install Themes.

A great blog design is appealing!
Choose a distinctive, impressive and engaging blog design so that you can HOOK READERS FROM THE START.
There is no doubt that users are visual than not. To get the most of your competition, you should be able to come up with a perfect design.

Important: Make sure that your blog theme has something to do with what it your home is about, so make sure that it is AWESOME right from the very beginning.
At WordPress, you can select Free or Paid themes, depending on your budget. If you have some to spare, invest in a good blog design that can represent your home at the best way possible. You may start using a free theme, and then expand later on with a paid version.

When choosing a theme, think of the user ease and functionality of it so that your users will not have a hard time looking for things they’re looking for and so that you will not spend years in updating and managing your blog. You may opt for Google Analyticator or SEO Yoast to help you control your blog easier.

Step 4 – Choose Your Plugins.

These blog additions will help you make money using an online blog because they can help rank, organize and share your site. You may want to check out Yoast SEO for higher search engine ranking; Google XML sitemaps for indexing purposes; social media plugins for instant posts promotion; and Akismet for killing spam attacks on your blog, among others.

Think of useful plugins to use in your blog so that you can take advantage of their functionalities and features that can help optimize and index your site on search engines, one of their main purposes. Many of these plugins can help generate traffic into your site, allowing interested PROSPECTS/AUDIENCE/USERS to find you easier.

Step 5 – Pick A Domain.

This is very important to make money from blogging because it can represent what your site is all about with its name. Choosing a relevant blog name can help build your credibility and reputation in your niche. Be sure that your domain name or blog URL represents you or your topic so you should pick keywords to use in your URL. You can go for GoDaddy that charges below $10 dollars per year.

Step 6 – Choose A Web Hosting Service

If you’re serious on how to make decent and unlimited money from blogging, you should pick a website hosting company that helps make your blog accessible to the world.  It can help users locate your blog when they browse on Google, Yahoo and Bing, among other search engines. If you don’t use such a service, people cannot see your blog.
Alternatively, you can start FREE using Blogger or WordPress, but using them may not allow you to take full control over your home, as if you’re renting.  You may want to find an affordable hosting service and spend as low as $10 per month.

Step 7 – Start Writing To Make Money From Blogging.

When the most part is done and over, you can START WRITING. Make sure that your topic is specific to your chosen niche.
Simple: If you’re blog is about pet training, why would you blog about buying an organic face powder?
Simply put.

Your blog should be TOPIC-TARGETED so you can build your authority in your chosen niche. Don’t make people feel stupid of reading a post about cosmetics if they were looking for information on how to groom their dog.
Read, edit and revise (when needed) before hitting the publish button. If you want to carve a name in your chosen niche, why would you misspell words like ‘grooming’ into ‘gromming’? To establish a good brand, do not publish a poorly written content that will STAIN AND RUIN YOUR REPUTATION.

Step 8 – Be Social.

As follow up to the plugins talked about earlier, you should also install social media plugins (Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, among others) on your blog so you can earn money from blogging.  When done writing and publishing, share your post on social media so that followers and users of such platforms could see and even share your post online.  Importantly, be responsive to comments, feedbacks and suggestions of your readership.

Step 9 – When Done On The Steps On How To Start A Successful Blog, START MAKING MONEY!

Earning money from your blog will come next. Besides, you can earn as much as you want using a plethora of methods to help you earn online money. Here are some:

1. Paid advertising;
2. Affiliate marketing;
3. Lead generation;
4. Email marketing;
5. Selling products or services;
6. And so many more….


If you sure want to make money from home using a blog, then you may want to consider the tips shared on today’s post. Finally, how much or how little you make from a blog will all depend on your…
1. Hard work
2. Perseverance
3. Discipline
4. Knowledge
5. And possessing other important SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSPEOPLE VALUES.

Now if you want more information, guides and tips, feel free to let us know and we’ll get back to you shortly. We’re here to help you learn of the surefire ways on how to start a successful blog and eventually become a wealthy guru someday.

Start making money from blogging TODAY and Good luck!


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