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Jun 6, 2012
What is Social Networking?
Social networks, also called social network (social network) is a service connecting members with similar interests on the Internet with many different purposes, regardless of space and time (by definition from wikipedia) . The establishment of these new virtual communities and the throne of the swap network leader is happening every day with dizzying speed. Besides the propensity to form online communities associated with the occupational groups and special interests. The core value of any social network depends on the participation of the members of the network.
Social networks allow companies to proactively build and develop the profile, advertising or product disclosure information will be useful, and further integrate and become part of the community. Marketers must learn to connect with consumers and create impact on the social network, it will give you the great results.
What marketers need to know when using the virtual community?
A "+"
First to see that social networks affect the likelihood of success of online marketing campaigns on two aspects: the dissemination of positive news, new product, as well as feedback from consumers full potential of social networking capabilities to help connect individuals, helping them to "meet" other people, which increases the likelihood of new members join the community.

To join the social network to bring about positive results for the marketing campaign, there should be a reasonable arrangement of forces in which marketers need to consider the following three groups:

Connector - connecting people, who act as "social cohesion", has great influence, who will present the consumer with the group that "they should know."
Maven - information brokers, who are constantly telling potential customers about the opportunity, who also gives advice about buying and what should go where to purchase.
Salesmen - missionaries, promoting customer actions, in other words to convince them to buy.
In the era of web 2.0, the success of a marketing campaign depends not only on the number of people involved in the community created by marketers, but also related issues of measuring response, reception of other community members as quickly as possible. Thanks to new technology, marketers are now able to synthesize the important data such as average income according to the user (ARPU), the profitability of the individual rows, or the ROI of advertising ... The This data can be updated daily, even hourly to marketers.
Point "-"
Calculate the exponential spread of the virtual community is how quickly destroyed when a label is not good information about the product. This makes for social networking becomes a double-edged sword, requiring marketers to be very careful in deploying online marketing campaigns.

Only social network with major cities. With 530 million members are involved in virtual communities around the world and 70% of discussion topics related brands and products, the MySpace, Facebook, Youtube ... has become a place for the Marketers implement creative ideas. However, if done in Vietnam, online marketing, social networks of foreign material has to be a preferred alternative?

Social networks in the world
The social networking world as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn ... all contain specific points or individual has the tools but according to campaign marketers can take advantage.

1. MySpace: 222 million members. MySpace priority towards entertainment content such as music sharing, combined with online video entertainment services offline. Social networks are consistent with the marketing campaign to build and develop communities attract young people - the future generation.
2. Facebook 58 million members. MySpace rival Facebook, but especially the favorite won by a team focused on maintaining existing relationships. Facebook helps group members extended network of friends with other schools, as well as connect the fun activities, entertainment and volunteers.
LinkedIn: The most outstanding feature of LinkedIn is to develop business networks. For many merchants, this social networking like a rolling business card (name card) online, enabling them to easily connect and maintain with other subjects, especially with auto-update list. This online book book spoke to the owners know how much they are and our relationship "stronger" anywhere.
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