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Jun 6, 2012
This guide is about selling eBook on eBay. We will briefly talk about how to create or find eBooks to sell, how to list your ebook and how to deliver your ebook to your customer. Actually the method can be applied to any other information product such as software, streaming audio, video seminars, cgi/perl scripts..etc. products that can be downloaded immediately after the order is placed.

Why Sell eBook

People are hunger for information. In fact one of the main reason people go on the internet is to find information. If your eBook can solve some people’s problem, addresses their needs, they will want to buy it and eBooks allows them to have that information immediately. We all love it!

How to get eBooks to Sell

Basically there are 2 ways to get eBooks to sell: a) Create your own product b) get products with resell right.

Create Your Own Product
Here are some tips on how to create your own product:
1. Start with something that you know about. Whether it's marketing information, credit card secrets, how to build a house, how to start a Corporation and get $400,000 in corporate credit or whatever else that's being sold today, you can write your own hot eBook or report about it.

2. If you are not good at writing, then you a) can get someone else to write it b) interview an expert and then transcribe it, or even do it on the phone, tape it and then write it or c) partner with some expert. Get their knowledge, create the book and share profit

If you create your own product, you may be wondering about copyright because digital products can be copied easily for resell. I am not an expert on copyright law but eBay does have some way to protect you. Go to eBay Help and then type in “copyright” and you will find the information you want.

One time I did see a seller listing on eBay a book which can only be sold on the author’s website. Sure enough, after a few days, that seller was shut down by eBay.

Buy Products to Resell
If you go on eBay, there’re lots of eBooks which you can buy and resell. You can buy those products and then resell them. You may also find the following terms with those products: resell right, full/master resell right, private label right (PLR). It’s a good place to explain these terms so you know what you are getting.

1. Resell Rights: When you purchase a product with Resell Rights, you are licensed to resell that product as many times as you would like. However, you cannot resell the resell rights.

2. Full Resell Rights: When you purchase a product with Full Resell Rights, you are licensed to resell that product as many times as you would like. Also, if you have Full Resell Rights you also can resell the resell rights. Which means that not only can you sell the product, but you can also sell the product with resell rights to your buyer.

3. Private Label Rights + Source Code Rights: When you purchase a product with Private Label Rights and/or Source Code Rights you are allowed to take that product and modify it in any way that you please. This means you can take the raw product, change it, add to it, take away from it, and claim it as your own! You can make all the modifications to the product that you wish. And also, you can place your name on it and market that product as your own. With Private Label Rights and/or Source Code Rights you also have Full Resell Rights for the product.

It is obvious that Private Label Rights are the best but often those are the most expensive to buy.

You may also notice that some of the eBooks are really cheap on eBay. Part of the reason is that some eBooks are written primarily as marketing tool. These eBooks are considered “viral” (which means that they spread quickly like virus). Authors can put in their own websites and affiliate links so that they can get the advertising they want and backend sales. However, those eBooks still often contain valuable information and sometimes tons of free tools. Anyways these eBooks benefit the author, seller and buyer and everyone is happy.

How to list your eBook
Some tips on how to list your eBook:

When you buy resell right products, generally seller may not include sales/listing materials for you (sales materials includes all the html, graphics etc so that your listing really looks professional). However, occasionally some sellers will include the html sale pages. (By the way, almost all items in my eBay store include resell right and most INCLUDE sales materials). If you do have sales material, listing your item on eBay is a lot easier.

Learn some basic html and how to work with web graphics. If you want to be successful doing business on the net, you will need to know some html and web graphics at some point. Again, you can pick up some eBooks and learn the basic very easily. There are also some VIDEO eBooks which show you exactly what to do, what to type, what to click etc. I find them to be very useful. If you visit my store, search for "VIDEO" in the listing title and you will find those products.

How to deliver your eBook INSTANTLY
Now eBay makes it very easy to deliver digital items. For details, go to eBay Help and type in “digital item” in the search bar and you will find the information.

However, I will briefly explain the basic concept and process. When you are creating your listing, you can specify that you are listing a “digital item”. If you are selling a “digital item”, then there is a place where you can specify the “delivery instruction”. This will typically be the place (web address) that your customer can download your product. The neat thing is that this instruction is shown to the buyer as soon as the buyer pays you with Paypal. (The buyer can also see this instruction by going into his eBay account, under the “Items Won” section, click the drop down list and choose “View digital delivery”.

Bear in mind that when you sell digital item, the buyer MUST pay right away with Paypal.
If you use the above method, then all you need is some web space and a way to upload your product to some web space.

How do you get web space? If you sign up for internet services, the chance is that you may be given some web space already. Check with your Internet service provider. If you are serious about selling items on the internet, sooner or later, you will want to get your own domain name, setup your own website and sign-up for web hosting which typically allows you various amount of web space. Do check what the web space allowance is before you sign up.

How do you upload your product to the web space? The simplest way is to use FTP (a file transfer method). There are a lot of place on the net where you can download free FTP programs. When you use an FTP program, basically you use the program to log into your web account, then it is just a matter of selecting the file you want to upload and where you want to upload to.

If you dont have an FTP program, then you can just use Internet Explorer to log into your web space. You will need to find the ftp location first from your service provider. To log into your web space, typically in the Internet Explorer address bar, you will enter an address given to you by your Internet service provider.

You will then be asked for the account name and password for your web space account.
Then you just open up another window using Window explorer to find the files you want to upload and drag and drop the files to your web space.

However, if you dont have any web space and dont want to upload files etc, then you can always use the email method. It will still work but it is pretty manual and your customers may not get the product as quickly as they want.


I hope this guide gives you some basic information on how to get your eBooks and sell them on eBay. Selling eBooks on eBay is a viable business but selling eBooks is not a get rich quick scheme. You do have to spend time and effort and produce something of value to your customers. I find that producing value to your customer is VERY important. As you start to investigate how to make money on the internet, there are a lot of “promise to get rich quick” schemes which only boils down to nothing but MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and produce nothing of value to anyone except the hope that your “downline” will give you money. Focus on delivering value and you will be successful!
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