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Email Marketing vs. Content Marketing?

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    Email Marketing vs. Content Marketing?

    I'd like to know which will give me better traffic to my site, email marketing or content marketing?

    and why? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by arindamb View Post
    I'd like to know which will give me better traffic to my site, email marketing or content marketing?

    and why? Thanks
    I have not tried content marketing for my site but it works for email marketing since I send out emails to the list.

    I think email marketing is working better than content marketing because it gives you direct traffic but for SEO rankings or the benefits in long term, maybe content marketing works better.

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    Well, email marketing works as long as you have a great list to send emails to. So, if you're just starting out then you have to do the work to create that list. You can do that through social media or forums like this one.

    Content marketing also takes work because you're creating the content but then you have to get that content out in front of people. That means blogging, social media, SEO (search engine optimization) and of course, you can even use email marketing to spread the word.

    At the end of the day, you really kinda need both. At least in my humble opinion.

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    I believe you need both. My other question is, which method do I start? It depends on your time and resources. You need a list to do email marketing, to make it work, you need to establish your audience and subscribers, if you're into it, then it will be best to start paying for traffic to build a list to save your time. On the other hand, your contents will drive you traffic, investing time and effort to produce quality content will get you a position, all the way to being looked up as an expert, perhaps.

    Content marketing, as far as I know needs a little bit of SEO support, you want to attract organic traffic to your creations, but the advantage here is, it drives you consistent traffic for months or even years to come, while in email marketing, you need to produce and increase that list every single day to make it work, But again, it saves you time in creating contents, you just send that email and tweak a little bit to increase your open and click rates. Hope this helps

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    I see content marketing as a method of generating traffic and providing solutions to your audience, while email marketing is for creating a lasting and deep connection with your audience. Ideally, you want a combination of the two, with content marketing providing solutions and traffic and email marketing providing additional exclusive value and the ability to create a stronger relationship with your audience.

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    You need both. Content marketing for taking new visitors to your site through search engines while Email marketing to hold them as your regular visitors.

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    I'm with those who said you need both! They're both part of the general marketing process, but they play different roles.

    Content marketing helps with SEO, with attracting visitors to your site, AND with establishing you as an authority on your subject, which absolutely helps with bringing new prospects into your funnel, prospects that are positively disposed towards you before they even "meet" you.

    Email marketing is what you do to nurture your relationship with your list by sharing valuable content, some personal stuff, and recommendations for products that your list might find helpful. Oh, and you can also send them to your blog on a regular basis, i.e., when you have published a new article, and ask them to leave comments in the discussion area.

    Since even the best email lists have some amount of attrition, you have to keep growing your list, and that means, get your content out there to attract people to your squeeze pages and your blog (and Facebook page) etc.

    So basically, both are necessary, and they work very well together if you do it right...

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    The question is kind of too broad.

    Content marketing will work amazingly for sure, but email marketing is not so much.


    Because it depends on how your target audience likes to be engaged. What if they are young? Instagram, Faceboook, Snapschat probably work better with them than email ever will.

    Email marketing works great with working people, especially in the B2B space.

    Whatever kind of marketing you are looking to implement, make sure you know your target audience very well.

    Don't take random advice from people because things may work for them but it doesn't mean it will work for you simply because the audience demographics are different.

    For example.

    A guy works with doctors and lawyers will say formal tone and lots of data work amazingly and you take his advice and apply to your gamer audience.

    What do you think will happen?

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    You need both to get traffic to your website.

    Email marketing is a great tool. Email marketing, when done in the right manner, can result in a considerable uptick in traffic. Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels, making it the perfect channel to convert subscribers into paying customers.

    Whereas Content marketing is the practice of creating content that targets your businesses audience and drives traffic to your site. SEO and content marketing usually go hand in hand.

    Check out, Infographic – Development of a Successful Content Marketing Project from HiP B2B Blog.

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