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Earn $400+ Per Referral With Our CPA Exclusive Deals in The iGaming Vertical!

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    Earn $400+ Per Referral With Our CPA Exclusive Deals in The iGaming Vertical!

    made by affiliates for affiliates
    The #1 iGaming Network

    WebMasterSun Member,

    Are you looking for new opportunities to monetize your traffic?
    Do you want to manage your time more effectively and spend less on
    your affiliate business, and more hours with your family – while earning more at the same time?

    You can now.

    These are the things you’ll get when you partner with Af2Af:

    ==> Join one of the biggest iGaming networks with exclusive offers that you won’t find elsewhere
    ==> Get the best CPA ($50-$400+), Revenue Share (35%-45%), and Hybrid Deals!
    ==> Own a highly-profitable, legal business in a reliable and ever growing vertical
    ==> Gain a killer competitive advantage of never-decreasing commission rates even when your traffic stops!
    ==> Create passive streams of income with rebills that will make your head spin
    ==> Get UNLIMITED FREE support and consulting from affiliate experts with 10+ years of experience,
    dedicated 24/7 on YOU
    ==> Save thousands of dollars and hours on manual work with a Single-Point of Access
    ==> Get Flexible, Secure, and Custom Payments depending on your needs
    ==> Get FREE access to our powerful software which integrates all your stats, reporting and cash-flow between
    hundreds of affiliate programs and platforms
    ==> Go Global – we cover all markets and all languages
    ==> Get FREE access to our creative materials masterfully crafted by our skilled designers and copywriters
    ==> Get compensated if you are planning to switch niches

    And to illustrate that this is not just a wishy-washy bullet point list, that our affiliates are bold and
    make things happen, take a look at the following real screenshot from one of them:

    Fancy number, huh?
    It is.

    But unlike most fake screenshots photoshopped to impress people – this is real. While you are reading this,
    someone is enjoying their millions. We’ve got many such affiliates, although they are in the minority.

    Can you achieve the same results?
    Yes. It sure is possible.

    But, will you?

    It takes lots of hard work, persistence and dedication to arrive at this level. We have many bigger affiliates,
    but they are just a handful… Not many people have what it takes, and the Pareto’s principle remains true that
    20% of the affiliates will earn 80% of the profits.

    Nevertheless, it’s possible. And YOU can be one of those 20%!
    Maybe you will bring even more visitors than this partner!

    But, let’s for a second say that you cannot bring that amount of ultra-targeted traffic on a continual basis.

    Your question – Can I still earn good money if one day my traffic stops?

    Oh, yeah!

    Welcome to the iGaming industry and its lucrative rebills my friend.

    WARNING! Extremely high customer lifetime value - You might piss in your pants from too much excitement!
    Please check the following screenshots from your smartphone near your restroom.

    Do you like the number in the upper right corner? – Of course you do.
    But the point is not to impress you with the profits.

    Take a closer look over to the left. See what’s going on here?

    Look at the visits and registrations!

    Yes, this is possible, when working in the iGaming vertical

    Your referred players will be a passive source of income for you. Money will come to you on autopilot.
    Not in every case and with every player, but in most of the cases. And as unbelievable and
    “too-good-to-be-true” as it may sound, this is a reality for many people.

    When partnering with us you will NEVER see your commission rates dropped, even if you
    decide to retire young and stop driving traffic. We guarantee it!

    Af2Af until recently was a closed community of big affiliates. We are now open for the public and
    anyone can join.

    YOU can be one of these successful affiliates, and it all starts here, with a decision.

    Will everyone be accepted?

    Considering the amount of time and money we invest in our partners, we are interested in serious affiliates only.
    If you are just starting out, please get more skilled and experienced first.

    We still recommend that you register and apply. If your application doesn't get updated, you're welcome to
    apply again in future, when you'll be able to provide better traffic.

    For the rest of you:

    You now understand how joining Af2Af will save you thousands of dollars and hours on your affiliate campaigns.
    You understand that you won’t have to deal with hundreds of affiliate program managers, but with your ONE,
    dedicated iGaming PhD who truly cares for your success.
    You understand that you can create passive streams of income with the best CPA, Revenue Share, and Hybrid deals.
    You understand that you will get free access to our powerful software and all beautifully designed promo materials which
    will be even hosted for you – for free.
    And you understand that all of these are not even the tip of the iceberg when considering the rest of the benefits you’ll enjoy
    when partnering with us.

    It’s your call now.


    Skype: zac.flynn91
    Email: [email protected]

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    Look impressive, I have just signed up.
    Do you have any banners to add on my blogs? how to integrated on my blogs?

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    Oct 2016
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    Hi Harry,

    Please add me on Skype: zac.flynn91 or just search by email: [email protected]

    We have many banners but in order to be able to access everything you'll need to fill out a short questionnaire that you'll get from your dedicated manager.

    Our entire communication is person-to-person between you (the affiliate) and your affiliate manager.

    We will help you to monetize your blog but we can also design for you a beautiful landing page and load it up with your affiliate links (depending on your traffic sources). We know exactly what converts and what doesn't because we've been working in iGaming for more than 14 years already.

    We also buy a domain name and host it for you. You can then send your traffic directly to this landing page, but feel free to use banners on your blog as well

    Let me know if you have any more questions


    Quote Originally Posted by harrygreen90 View Post
    Look impressive, I have just signed up.
    Do you have any banners to add on my blogs? how to integrated on my blogs?

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