4k wallpaper

  1. Hawker

    Have You Got a 4K TV Yet? You need 4K Wall!

    4kwall.xyz is a project I'm working on for 4K TV owners. It has all sorts of goodies for 4K TV's like 4K movies and music videos. 4K Wallpapers, backgrounds and screen savers. Have you got a 4K TV yet or have seen the difference between old HD and UHD? The difference is instantly noticeable...
  2. Hawker

    WTS Make You a Modern Successful 4K UHD Wallpaper Site

    Hi there! In this service I will make you a Modern 4K UHD Wallpaper Site! This wont be any ordinary normal HD wallpaper site... This is a 4K UHD Wallpaper Site! What is 4K UHD? If you have seen the quality of a 4K TV already then you will know just how much better looking UHD 4K TV's are...