1. J

    Redirection problem with on-page SEO

    Hello, For our website, we previously used WordPress CMS, but we've since converted to Contentful CMS. We experienced various URL problems after switching the CMS. The problem we are currently dealing with is that we want to redirect all sites that have a trailing slash to all pages without a...
  2. fashionassb

    cms solution to build web app and mobile app ?

    Greetings all, I would like to know if there is a CMS solution or any development system ( drag and drop / DIY ) in the market via which web apps can be built and also build a mobile app version of the web app. I have example websites, kindly look at the websites and get an idea of what I am...
  3. Mike001

    WTS Build you own Custom CMS System.

    I have been saying for many months that it really is not that difficult to build your own CMS system. Well after many months, 7 to be exact I have put together a complete video package that takes you step by step on how to write your own CMS Blog system. It is not near as hard as many...